Chiquis Rivera shares the most adorable pic from her wedding day

chiquis rivera

It was Chiquis Rivera's mission to keep her wedding to Lorenzo Méndez as private as possible--and she achieved it. Aside from a few photos and videos from before the ceremony, not much footage has been released from the couple's big day. 

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The singer herself had not posted any photos of their nuptials to Instagram since their June wedding, but on Wednesday, August 28, she finally gave a glimpse of how she looked as a bride. It took nearly two months, but we can now say with confidence that Chiquis was definitely one beautiful bride.

Chiquis shared this photo of herself with her nieces.

How gorgeous was she the day she tied the knot? Chiquis shared this post to celebrate her niece Luna's birthday. She was surrounded by her nieces and her stepdaughter, and they all looked so adorable. The dress fit Chiquis so perfectly, and the cut in the front and long sleeves were stunning.


She shared a photo of herself with her sisters on her wedding day.

Her glam was simple yet so elegant for the wedding, and she looked radiant. This black-and-white snap of her and her sisters is so beautiful and something they will always cherish. 


Some photos and videos were leaked from her ceremony.

Photos of her from the ceremony and during their reception surfaced online and showed how beautifully her dress fit her. The photos were somewhat blurry, so there was no way for fans to get a real glimpse of Chiquis in her wedding dress.

Her sister shared some photos from the wedding.

Jacqie looked beautiful as bridesmaid, and her kids looked so dapper for their auntie's wedding. She shared some images from the wedding, but not one of her big sis as a bride.

"This weekend was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. [It] reminded me how gorgeous Gods plans can be if we can just learn to be still and wait on him," she captioned the post. "Congrats to @lorenzomendez7and @chiquis I love you guys so much."

We can't wait until Chiquis feels comfortable enough to share the photos from their big day. There is no doubt that they will be so beautiful, and her fans will be more than thrilled to see them.

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