Chiquis Rivera made a valid point about learning from mom Jenni Rivera's relationship mistakes

Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera was under fire last week for a comment she made about being more "submissive" in order for a marriage to work. When the singer appeared on the show Ojo Crítico, the host asked her about what she learned from her mother, Jenni Rivera, and what is something she would do differently based on what she learned from her mom's mistakes.

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Chiquis revealed that she and her sisters learned what they didn't want in relationships and in their marriages based on the things they witnessed in their late mom's relationships. Chiquis revealed that, like her mom, she used to run from love at the first sign of trouble, and now that she is married to Lorenzo Méndez, she is learning that a relationship is sometimes worth staying and fighting for. 

Chiquis appeared on CNN's 'Ojo Critico' and caused some controversy.

"I've talked to my sisters about this, and it's not to talk badly about my mom because she's not here to defend herself. We want to be different in the aspect of marriage," she said on Ojo Crítico. "For a long time I dealt with that; I was afraid of marriage because of what I saw. I would get into a fight or there was a small problem and I wanted to run. I would say, 'I don't have time for this; I'm a busy woman.' But with a relationship, you have to fight." 


Chiquis received criticism for saying a woman should be a bit "submissive" to a man.

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"I admire my mom in a lot of ways, but when it comes to choosing men, that's where my sisters and I have said we want to be different," she continued. "We have to learn from that and see things for what they are and appreciate certain things of a man. We have to know how to be a little bit submissive because that's how a relationship is going to work, by giving a man his place." 


Jenni was married three times.

Jenni was known to be a tough woman and was the matriarch in the Rivera family. She walked down the aisle three times--she was married to Esteban Loaiza from 2010 to 2012, Juan López from 1997 to 2003 and José Trinidad Marín 1984 to 1992. She might not have had much luck in love, but her children now have a choice to choose differently for themselves. Whether it is to be more forgiving or to not be as tough as their mom when it comes to relationships, the young women now get to decide how to mold their own lives and families. 

The Rivera children witnessed plenty of turmoil in their mom's relationships.

What went on behind closed doors in Jenni's marriages was no secret, definitely not to her children who were witnesses to it all. It's natural for a child to grow up to want something different from what they experienced as kids, and Chiquis is not wrong for wanting a different outcome in her marriage.


Now that Chiquis is married, she gets to do things her way.

Chiquis tied the knot with Lorenzo Méndez in July, after being engaged for some time. The couple has gone through their fair share of ups and downs during their relationship, but it seems like they finally made things work. It's important to create your own boundaries and rules when it comes to your relationships and your marriage, and there is nothing wrong with using your parents as the example or model of what you do or don't want. Life is all about improving and being better than the generations before us, and any mom would want her child to find a happy ending, even if it looks different from hers. 

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