Chiquis Rivera flaunts her curves in a tiny bikini during Puerto Rico honeymoon

Chiquis Rivera
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Chiquis Rivera is the definition of body goals--not only for how she looks but because the curvy singer has learned to embrace her body just how it is. Of course, she also eats healthy and cares for her physique, but she hasn't folded into the pressures that society places on women to be super thin. 

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This week she has been enjoying her honeymoon with husband Lorenzo Méndez in Puerto Rico, and she was truly feeling the tropical island vibes. Chiquis flaunted her figure in a teeny-tiny black bikini, leaving fans in awe of how great she looks. The couple look happier than ever, and Chiquis definitely has that newly married glow. 

She wore a super-cute red cover-up on top of the bikini.

The couple's honeymoon in Puerto Rico was a wedding gift from their friends Judi and Luis Castro. Now those are the type of friends we all need! They all made the most of the trip and even got a helicopter ride to explore the island. Chiquis dressed for the occasion, wearing a long cover-up over her bikini. 


Lorenzo shared this super-cute pic of himself and his wife.

The newlyweds stopped by Culebra Island during their Puerto Rico trip, and they posed for an adorable couple pic. Chiquis was wearing a super-cute black bikini with roses on it, and her body looked incredible. Her waist looked smaller than ever and perfectly complemented her curves.


The best part is that Chiquis doesn't limit herself.

No matter what people might say about her figure, it's clear that Chiquis is comfortable in her skin. When she's home, she follows the keto diet, but while on vacation she lets herself enjoy life's simple pleasures. Beer? Yes! A heaping plate of ropa vieja with rice, beans, and tostones? Of course! And she still looks amazing, no matter what. 

Chiquis has never been afraid to show some skin.

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Fans in the comments section were giving her props for wearing a two-piece bathing suit, but that's nothing new for the singer. She often wears crop tops that show off her waist and accentuate her curvy figure. There were also some negative comments that alluded to her using Photoshop to edit the snap. The beautiful thing is that Chiquis has a husband, family, friends, and fans who love her exactly how she is--and better yet, she loves herself enough to not care what people have to say. And there's no denying that she looked amazing during her honeymoon. 

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