How Alex Rodriguez & the kids surprised Jennifer Lopez with a Porsche for her birthday

Alex Rodriguez/YouTube

Alex Rodriguez knows how to spoil his girl. Jennifer Lopez received quite a beautiful surprise for her 50th birthday on July 24. A-Rod blindfolded his girl and then presented her with a stunning red 2019 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS, reportedly worth $146,000. And it is a beauty!

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The irony of this amazing gift is that J.Lo has said that she hasn't driven in more than 25 years! Jen shared a video of her big day on YouTube, and the moment she sees her gift for the first time is shown at the beginning of the clip. It is clear that she is over the moon with excitement.

J.Lo shared how her big surprise went down on YouTube.

Alex blindfolded her the morning of her birthday and took her out to the front of the house before the kids pulled up in her new ride to surprise her. Jen was so tearful and shocked, in complete disbelief. "I've never had a car like this!" she said, smiling from ear to ear. 


Alex shared his own video and explained how he planned the surprise.

Alex and the kids thought long and hard about what to give Jen for her 50th birthday, and he asked, "What do you get someone who already has everything?" Great question. Eventually, they settled on a car, and his daughter, Natasha, suggested a Porsche. 


Alex shared a fun fact about Jen that perhaps most people wouldn't know.

He said it requires a lot of creativity to impress someone who has it all like J.Lo, so they went with something extravagant--a gorgeous red convertible. But the irony behind that is that although the singer has a valid license and can drive, she hasn't actually driven herself around in 25 years! That's pretty wild, but a superstar like her is probably used to having a driver on call at any time. 

Just buying her a car wasn't enough. He had to have it all decked out.

The customized interior of the car was just as beautiful. It had J.Lo's logo all throughout, even on the license plate. Alex chose the color red because that is the color she wears when performing her song, "Limitless," so he called it "Limitless Red." That's so sweet! 


The cutest part of it all is that the kids were involved.

From the choosing of the gift to the big surprise, the four kiddos were all in on it. Ella, Emma, and Max were inside the car while Natasha drove it out for J.Lo to see. So cute!

Jen was so excited to be driving again.

Jen had tears in her eyes when she finally saw her surprise, and she couldn't wait to get behind the wheel. The actress hopped in on the driver's side while her fiancé joined her on the passenger side, and they went for a little ride. She told him, "You're giving me my independence back." Alex definitely knocked this one of the park, because freedom is something money can't buy! 

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