Kylie Skin plane
Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner took some of her girlfriends on a vacation/business trip in honor of the summer body care products from her Kylie Skin line that will be dropping on July 22. Clearly, she is a master at mixing business and pleasure. Think about it: She gets to take her friends on a luxurious trip and because she is posting about it on social media to promote her new products, she'll be able to write the trip off as being a business-related expense and she won't even be lying.

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So where did Kylie take her friends? She flew them out on a private jet to Turks and Caicos to enjoy some fun in the sun and to try out some of her new skin care products. As you'll see from the pics Kylie and her friends posted on social media, the trip was fully branded from the plane to the coconut drinks the ladies enjoyed.

Oh, and in case you are wondering about Kylie's 17-month-old daughter, she came along for the trip, too. Do you see what we mean about Kylie being a master of mixing business and pleasure? She's on a lavish trip with girlfriends and her daughter, which looks like a total vacation, but also doubles as a promotional trip for business. Nice!

Now, check out the pictures from the trip. They'll have you wishing you were one of the friends Kylie invited to join her.

Guests were pumped and jumping for joy. 1

How can you not be excited about a luxurious trip gifted to you by a friend? Still it's fun to see that Kylie's largesse is appreciated.


Check out the matching sweatsuits. 2

Everyone, including baby Stormi, was in pink and white sweatsuits when they arrived to board the private plane. The sweats definitely seem comfortable for a flight.


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Stormi! 3

Stormi got lots of love from Kylie's guests which included Anastasia Karanikolaou, Sofia Richie, Ariel Tejada, and Victoria Villarroel. Notice how perfectly the sweat suits match the plane in the background.

The plane was all decked out in Kylie Skin branding. 4

Kylie Skin's signature color is pink and as you can see, the plane was pinked out and sporting an official logo. Wait until you see the inside of the plane, though.


A group photo was definitely in order before takeoff. 5

When you go through the trouble of getting everyone to wear the same thing, you better believe you are going to get a group photo. Even the carpet leading up to the plane is a matching shade of pink.


The trip officially started with a kiss. 6

The trip started with a kiss from Kylie's beau, Travis Scott. Travis opted not to wear pink for the occasion, unlike his daughter and lady love.


Look at the interior of the plane! 7

Isn't it gorgeous? It looks so luxe and cozy like everyone could just nap their way to Turks and Caicos, which is located about midway between the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.

Pink accessories were provided for everyone's comfort. 8

The plane was stocked with branded pillows, eye masks, color-coordinated blankets, and scrunchies. So much attention to detail went into this trip.



Get a load of those coconuts. 9

Upon landing, guests could sip on tropical drinks served in branded coconuts. We think the branding was added intentionally because the last time we checked, coconuts didn't come with Kylie Skin logos on them.

There was a lot of twinning going on. 10

Kyle and BFF Anastasia "Stassie" Karanikolaou obviously planned their outfits for the trip so that they could twin on more than one occasion. Here they both sport a matching shade of blue.


They're visions in blue. 11

Kylie captioned this photo, "Just another twin pic walkin through your feed." They both look gorgeous in that color.

Here they opted for the same outfit in different colors. 12

How could this not have been planned? If it wasn't, imagine their surprise when they both show up looking like superheroes in different shades of the same oufit. 


Looks like Stormi enjoyed some pool time. 13

How cute is that child? She looks adorable and so happy here. Glad someone is keeping an eye on her at all times. Safety first!

Turks and Caicos is made up of about 100 islands. 14

Kylie posed next to the Turks and Caicos flag while boating around the islands. Not sure how many islands Kyle and crew got to visit, but it's obvious they enjoyed their time there.


Stormi is living it up on this trip. 15

It might have been a press trip but Kylie made sure to have her baby girl by her side enjoying every second. "Life with you.. 🌼," Kylie captioned a gorgeous pic of her little one in a garden.

She had a whole photoshoot on the beach. 16

She wore a stunning white dress with flowy sleeves and pulled up a chair right to the shore. She looked stunning. What a wonderful view. 


This mom and daughter photo is breathtaking. 17

Kylie brought photographer Amber Asaly along on the trip and the photos did not disappoint. She shared this one of herself and Stormi and it is so stunning.

Stormi was living it up in the water. 18

Mamá Kylie showered her baby girl with kisses while enjoying some fun in the crystal clear waters. This moment is really picture perfect.


Kylie and Stassie were really living it up. 19

The makeup mogul and her bff Stassie are closer than ever. The two ladies looked amazing in their bikinis before they took part in some water sports.

Sofia and Kylie are definitely bikini ready. 20

The girls showed off their curves in their trendy black bathing suits and their Gucci visors. They are stylish even at the beach.


Kylie shared this incredible shot of her enjoying the sunset. 21

How stunning is this photo? Kylie shared this post with a heartfelt message about her anxiety and dealing with the ups and downs of life.