Chiquis Rivera fires back at her critics & addresses her wedding fiasco

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Chiquis Rivera is not holding back anymore. What was supposed to be one of the happiest moments in her life was quickly overshadowed by plenty of drama. Chiquis married her longtime boyfriend Lorenzo Méndez on June 29, but their big day turned into quite a spectacle thanks in part to uninvited people wanting access to the couple and their wedding.

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The singer shared a YouTube video on Monday, July 8, to explain her side of the story and address other controversies that have been following her recently. Chiquis spoke to her fans to let them know why she chose to keep her wedding private, and she also apologized to members of the press who were hurt at her wedding--but she made sure to let the world know that although she felt bad about it, she had nothing to do with it. 

Chiquis shared a long video addressing her latest controversies.

She vented to her fans about recent situations that she has gone through, including the drama with the press on her wedding day and the drama she has been having with other singers and celebrities.


Chiquis explained why she hid from the cameras before her wedding.

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She said that she wanted that moment to be special to her, even though people were mad at her for her wishes. "I wanted to cover my dress because I wanted Lorenzo and my family to see it before anyone. Yes, I owe the public, but I am a woman, I am a human being at the end of the day, and you wait years for this day to come, and unfortunately that's how it happened," she said.


Chiquis explained why she wanted to keep her wedding private.

Chiquis said that just because she's a public figure and has a reality show doesn't mean that she wanted her wedding day to be a spectacle. She says that's why she didn't invite members of the press and kept the guest list to just their close friends and family. "I didn't want to feel like I was working on my wedding day; I wanted to be someone normal," she said, adding that after she managed to get inside the church, she began sobbing so hard her grandmother got scared.

She also addressed the controversial situation that took place outside her wedding.

Chiquis assured her fans that she was not involved with the altercation that took place outside of her wedding, where a cameraman and a security guard got into a scuffle. "I had nothing to do with that; if I would've been there, I would've told security," she said. "To the press, I didn't invite them, but I do apologize. I didn't know what was going on, but again, it's not my personal security. What I did was hire a woman who took care of everything."


She also discussed some drama she has been having with other celebrities.

She talked about her ongoing feud with singer Nena Guzmán, who has accused Chiquis of paying radio stations to not play other women's music. Chiquis denied ever doing that and said she would never spend her hard-earned money in that way. She also said she refused to apologize to Mexican TV personality Gustavo Adolfo Infante, with whom she had a heated exchange on social media last week. Chiquis is unapologetic!

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