These videos show that Cardi B's baby, Kulture, already has her mom's personality

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The cutest thing in the world is when you start seeing babies develop their own personalities. Most of the time, the way babies start behaving is heavily influenced by their parents' personalities, and you can see the mom and dad's way of being reflecting on their kids. That's the case for Cardi B and Offset's baby, Kulture.

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It's hard to believe, but the little girl is already a year old, and in the past year, the couple has started showing us their baby more and more. In recent months, the videos they have shared are already proving that she is definitely taking after her mom both physically and in the way she acts. She's a hilarious baby and her personality is starting to shine through. Kulture also has a whole lot of attitude like the "Press" rapper--and it's the most adorable thing. 

The little one is completely unmoved by what goes on around her.

Just like her mamá, Kulture has learned to ignore outside distractions and she won't let little inconveniences steal her joy. Sure, her parents were struggling with getting her baby hairs to cooperate, but the baby girl continued to enjoy her fruit and laughed it all off. 


This video of Kulture show us how glamorous she is.

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Excuse me💁🏽‍♀️👑

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Kulture reminded us that life as a millionaire's baby is easy and breezy. She was cruising in her fancy toy car while wearing some designer shades and she had the perfect attitude for a drop-top Rolls Royce. 


Kulture has so much energy, just like mom.

Cardi recognized that her baby definitely got her fun energy from her. "It’s crazy how God not only gives you a kid that looks like you but with the same energy and personality 😩😩," she captioned this clip. "I saw my cousin posted this earlier and I thought it was soo funny 😩My baby is naturally hype , slick😒 and funny and ok yea alittle attitude too but I’m putting that part on her dad part."


Kulture has a whole lot of attitude in her little body.

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Maaaa attitude

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Just like her mamá, Kulture knows how to throw some shade when necessary. She gives major side eye and sass already and we can't help but see Cardi's own personality reflecting on her little one. 

Kulture is not easily impressed.

This video of Kulture is definitely the funniest. While Cardi's mom was trying to make her laugh, the baby girl kept a total straight face. When she was asked to say hi to her mom, Kulture did her own thing and sent a greeting to her dad instead. Already making her own choices! 


Kulture has her own luxurious style already.

And she has the swag to match it! Look at how she crossed her little legs. A Gucci dress, her own director's chair and a nice view? Kulture was born for this lifestyle.

In this scenario, Kulture is a little different than her mom.

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She think she going somewhere 😩

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Cardi might own several luxury cars, but the ironic part is she doesn't really enjoy driving. Kulture, on the other hand, is already loving driving her fancy toy cars around the house. 


She is used to the royal treatment.

Being fed in a custom-made designer stroller while giving everyone dirty looks is definitely a diva moment and the rapper agreed. "My daughter is a mood 😒😫😩," Cardi captioned this pic. 

Kulture loves her daddy just as much as Cardi loves him.

Offset shared this video of him and his little girl and it is so filled with love. It's clear the baby girl loves her daddy, and Cardi has made it known that she is just as obsessed with her hubby. 


She must just go into the music business like her parents.

This video the parents shared of her baby rapping along to Cardi's hit song "I Like It" is so adorable. It's never too early to start molding a future superstar!

She is all about the luxury life.

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Kulture is getting to enjoy the benefits of her mom and dad's success. The little one has been riding in style since she was born and the soundtrack to her life has been her parent's hit songs. It pays off the be born into hip-hop royalty.


She is one happy baby.

There is nothing that can keep Cardi from smiling, and her baby is definitely getting that from her. Kulture can have the best side eye in the history of babies, but her sweet smile and laugh can light up the whole room. 

This video of Kulture is hilarious.

Cardi loves wigs. Cardi loves wigs so much that after she threw one at the crowd during a concert, she took to Instagram to ask for it back. She also shared this video of her little girl wearing one of her wigs and it is so funny, but the best part is seeing how comfortable Kulture looks wearing it.

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