Alex Rodriguez comforted Jennifer Lopez during a breakdown & it's the cutest thing

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Love means being with your partner in sickness and in health. Jennifer Lopez found herself a keeper in Alex Rodriguez and a recent episode of her It's My Party Tour Diary on her YouTube channel, he shows just how supportive and loving he is of her--no matter what she's dealing with. 

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During a few stops on her tour, J.Lo was struggling with some issues and it really affected her self-esteem. The singer was dealing with a cold and also had a minor accident during one of her performances, and it caused her to have a breakdown after the show. Luckily for Jen, her man was backstage waiting to cheer her on and give her the most inspiring pep talk and reassure her that she's a champion. 

Jennifer is a professional, but she also faces challenges at work.

Nothing is more threatening for a singer than an illness that challenges her vocal chords. Jen had a bad cold that was threatening to take her voice away, and on top of that she had a minor accident on stage that threw her off her game, causing her to miss a few dance steps. In the video diary, it shows that the singer was not happy with her performance, and when the show ended, she ran backstage in tears. Alex was waiting for her to comfort her and to give her all the compliments, even telling her it was the best show he had seen from her so far.


Jen was so hard on herself for her injury.

During the first song of the show, which is "Medicine," Jen accidentally hit herself with her microphone and started bleeding on stage. She was explaining how it happened to Alex, and instead of belittling her or being condescending, he comforted her with quite a pep talk. He also suggested that something in that number had to be changed, since she had already previously hurt herself while performing that song. He was loving, kind but also honest and gave constructive criticism. What a man!


Alex is so incredibly supportive.

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Whenever he can, A-Rod attends Jen's shows and is in the audience recording the show, cheering on his lady and dancing along to her songs. Jen acknowledged what a catch she'd found in the former baseball player and let it be known how much she appreciates him. "Alex said it was the best show he had ever seen," Jen told her longtime friend Benny Medina in her dressing room. "That's why I love him and I'm going to marry him. Whether he wants to or not, we're getting married. We're getting married forever and ever." 

At the end of her performance, she read some encouraging words from fans.

Concertgoers can write a message to J.Lo on a wall that she reads after the show. Nothing can boost your confidence than thousands of messages from people who adore you. She also got a sweet message from the other leading man in her life, her son, Max, who grabbed a marker and drew a heart with his name on it for his mamá. When you're loved and supported like that, any challenge you face will seem easy.

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