What Khloé Kardashian really thinks about Rob & Natti Natasha flirting

Khloé Kardashian
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Khloé Kardashian set the record straight on what was actually going on when she got involved in a flirtatious back and forth that her brother Rob Kardashian had going on with Dominican singer Natti Natasha via Twitter. At the time, it seemed like Khloé was being protective of her brother, but apparently that was not the case.

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According to Khloé, she and Rob were just playing around, and everyone misinterpreted because they didn't catch on to the playful tone. In fact, she says that she and Rob had a separate text convo going on, so everything made sense to them as they were just ribbing each other like siblings do. But just for fun, let's break it down like we like to.

Let's start with a bit of backstory.

It all went down last month on Father's Day after Rob posted a throwback photo of himself with his daughter Dream and wished himself a happy Father's Day. Shortly thereafter, Natti Natasha responded to Rob's tweet, writing, "Happy father’s day! You are an excellent father, I know. God bless you. See you soon!" Rob responded to Natti by thanking her and saying that he would see her soon.


That's when Khloé inserted herself in the conversation.

Khloé saw the exchange and asked her brother via Twitter, "Rob what's going on here?!?! Who is this girl?" Then there was a snarky/funny back-and-forth conversation between Rob and Khloé that ended with her writing, "Coming over then. I'll see you soon."

In writing, it was hard to tell if Khloé or Rob were being serious, but now we know that it was all in jest. How do we know? Because Khloé says so.


Khloé says she was just being funny.

Here's Khloé sitting next to Scott Disick during an interview while she explains how it all went down. She was just being funny, she says, when she asked Rob on Twitter, "Who is this girl?" FYI, she totally knows who Natti Natasha is even though she doesn't know her in person.

When asked if she approved of Natti, Khloé answered like a loving sister and said, "I approve of whoever that makes my brother happy. That's really all I care about in life is whoever makes my brother happy." Awww, that's sweet.

So there you have it: Khloé has no beef with Natti and Rob, she was just joking!

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