Jenni Rivera's family honors her on her 50th birthday & releases new song

Jenni Rivera
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Believe it or not, Jenni Rivera would have been 50 years old on July 2. Sadly, Jenni died in a tragic accident on December 9, 2012, when she was only 43 years old. That, however, did not stop her nearest and dearest from celebrating her birth and sharing their love of Jenni with the world.

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Three of Jenni's children--Chiquis, Jacqie, and Johnny--posted beautiful, loving messages in honor of their mother on social media. Siblings Rosie and Juan also paid tribute via social media. The outpouring of love is not surprising, but what is surprising is the release of a new recording by Jenni Rivera.

Almost seven years after her death,  in honor of her 50th birthday, the family released a recording of Jenni singing "Aparentemente Bien." The recording was found years ago, but the family wanted to wait to release it until the time was right. The time seems right now, because what better way to celebrate Jenni's golden birthday than with her own voice?

Check out the love and the song below.


Jacqie sent her mother a hug.

The caption on this beautiful photo that Jacqie shared in honor of her mother reads:

"Quiero ir a donde estes y abrazarte . Happy birthday momma."


Johnny wrote about what it would have been like if Jenni were still alive.

Johnny was still a child when Jenni died, and this picture that he posted to celebrate her birthday really emphasizes that. This is what he thinks their conversation would have been like if she were still alive:

Me: Happy Birthday, Momma!!! Holy [expletive]! You’re 50 now! How do you feel?? Wait, never mind. We go by the age we look. So you’re 40. Momma: I love you so much my handsome [expletive]-face son! Yeah....somethin’ like that. 'I know Momma, your little baby. Thanks for letting me bloom, for your wisdom, for your womb, for the roof over my head, for my shoes, for my bed. For the most important lesson in life was when you said, "Strive for what you believe in, set goals and you can achieve them." Thanks for holdin' down the household when times was bad. As a man, I apologize for my dad. When the rent was due, you would hustle like a pimp would do. That wasn’t the life meant for you. "You’re a queen, you deserve the cream, everything that gleamed, everything that shines, everything that’s mine." - JAY-Z, "Anything" @jennirivera, Happy 50th, Momma Dukes. I hope all of heaven is on a good one with you right now. You deserve it. #JENNI50.


Then Johnny followed up with another post.

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Only God Knows Why. ❤️💔 #JENNI50

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This video that Johnny posted shows a past joint celebration for Jenni and Rosie Rivera. Rosie's birthday is on July 3. There is footage of Jenni singing, dancing, and looking so incredibly happy in it.


Rosie's message to her sister is a tearjerker.

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4 de Julio 2011.... te maquillabas sola... mientras atrás de ti tú Maqiillista maquillaba a alguien más. Típico de ti, de poner a alguien más adelante de ti. Típico de ti de preocuparte de los deseos, sueños, felicidad y maquillaje de alguien más antes de ti. Yo, escondida detrás de ti donde nadie me podía ver, típico de mi. Donde me encanta estar y donde tu me querías sacar. Tu veías algo en mi que yo nunca vi.... y aveces aún no entiendo. El día de mi boda, como toda nuestra vida, me diste lo mejor de ti, poniendo me a mi antes que a ti misma. Y sabias y yo hacía y haría lo mismo para ti. Y aquí estamos, 8 años después.... y la historia es igual. Tu me diste a mi todo lo mejor y yo te doy a ti lo mejor de mi. No estás para esconderme, no tengo tu protección, no hay ese abrazo físico, no hay ni habrá otra como tu. No tengo a una hermana que me celebre como si fuera una princesa. Estoy sangrando, herida en la batalla, chorreada de la guerra, lágrimas en mi rostro pero de pie. Estoy de pie y con una sonrisa en los labios porque la reina cumple 50 años. Quisiera ver esa sonrisa, al entregarte tu regalo. Trabaje 3 años y medio en el. 3 después de que te fuiste y 1/2 a tu lado. Recuerdo cada cosa que pediste, cada junta con maquillistas, maquiladoras, compañías de producción para hacer tu propia línea de maquillaje. Tu me habías asignado a una línea de maquillaje pero tú estás a casa paso conmigo supervisándome. “Good job sister” decías cuando tomábamos un paso pequeño hacia el producto final. Me hace falta tu voz, tu sonrisa, tu cuerpo para esconderme detrás de ti como mi escudo. Me hace falta tu abrazo y que limpies mis lagrimas y sudor. Me hacen falta tus palabras al decir “don’t bitch out sister” .... “ be strong”. Audiblemente no lo escucho pero espíritu lo recuerda. Es parte de me ADN. Aquí estoy.... de pie.... Cómo escudo para tus hijos al lado de Juan y mi mami... Para tus 50 te presento dos regalos... uno nuevo.... tu línea de maquillaje. Tu sueño, nuestra ejecución. Y el otro de siempre.. mi corazón, mi alma, mi vida... lo mejor de mi.... herida pero de pie. Do you like them? Do you like me? I love you... more. Happy birthday sister.

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Rosie Rivera held nothing back in the message that she wrote to her sister. She talks about how Jenni always put others before herself, like in this picture that shows Jenni doing her own makeup while her makeup artist works on someone else in the background.

Then there's the song.

Three years after Jenni died, her brother Juan Rivera found a recording of Jenni singing a new song, "Aparentemente Bien." The family didn't release it at the time. Why? "We weren't sure about releasing this music three years ago," says Rosie. "We weren't sure if the world was ready, if the kids were ready. We feel everyone is getting a better place and is ready for her 50th birthday (July 2), the golden year. We want to give her the best."

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