All about Chiquis Rivera & Lorenzo Méndez's controversial wedding

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Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez are married! The couple tied the knot on Saturday, June 29, in Pasadena, California. And while it looked like a true fairy tale, there was also major drama behind the scenes. The newlyweds asked for privacy ahead of their big day but details about their wedding began surfacing. The wedding's location was revealed, and on Saturday, reporters and fans arrived to see Chiquis as a bride. 

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Things took a turn when members of the pair's security team became aggressive with the press and there is a video of an interaction outside of the reception that led an El Gordo y La Flaca cameraman falling over in the middle of the street. Aside from the controversy, the couple was surrounded by so many of their loved ones and some famous faces were also in attendance. And the most important part of it all is that Chiquis looked like a real-life princess.

The singer shared a glimpse of herself on the way to her wedding.

Chiquis shared a video to her Instagram Stories that showed her inside a car on her way to the church. She played "Going to the Chapel" by The Dixie Cups in the background and showed off the gorgeous, white high-heeled pumps she wore on her big day.


The couple went to great lengths to maintain their privacy.

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It was quite a frenzy once Chiquis arrived at the church in a stunning white Rolls Royce. Various security guards covered her with large black umbrellas to prevent the press and then fans from being able to get a look at her. 


Photos from inside the ceremony surfaced all over social media.

There is a photo of Chiquis and Lorenzo facing each other at the altar inside of the Westminster Presbyterian Church, where their ceremony took place. Talk about lack of privacy! Both the bride and groom wore white head to toe, while Chiquis' bridesmaids, including sisters Jenicka and Jacqie, wore hot pink gowns. So much for keeping the wedding private!

Chiquis looked like an absolute queen.

Chiquis wore a large and beautiful veil with a form-fitting long-sleeved gown that accentuated her curves. She was spotted outside of her venue and while it was from afar, you can see just how pretty she looked on her big day.


The bride looked so happy posing with the groomsmen.

She wasn't able to maintain her full privacy and she was spotted posing for her wedding photos outside. This one of her with the groomsmen gave an even better view of her dress, and it looks amazing!

The newlyweds posed for their wedding photos.

Once they arrived at the reception, Despierta América captured this photo of the pair as they posed for their first photo shoot as a married couple. The photo portion of a wedding is one of the most important moments. They are what you look back to remember the hectic day and you can treasure those memories forever. 


Meanwhile, things took a turn for the worse outside.

Chiquis' security team is now under major scrutiny after an El Gordo y La Flaca cameraman shoved by a security guard. Jorge Ortega was carrying a camera, when a guard pushed him and the camera guy eventually fell on the ground. 

It was reported that several guards were arrested.

Some members of the security team were reportedly arrested after the way they treated the members of the press. For the guards, there is a fine line between doing your job and hurting others. For the reporters, it's their job to get the news while knowing to respect a person's privacy.


The couple looked more in love than ever.

The newlyweds continued with their celebration and partied, danced, and sang their hearts out. Despite the drama, they were able to shut off the rest of the world and enjoy their big day together and in love.

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