Here's what went down between Cardi B & 'El Gordo y La Flaca' reporter Gelena Solano

Cardi B Gelena Solano feud
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It had been a while since Cardi B lashed out at someone on social media. The rapper took to Instagram Live on Wednesday, June 26, to express her dislike for longtime El Gordo y La Flaca reporter Gelena Solanoafter the pair had an encounter in New York City.  

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The "Press" rapper was at a spa in the Washington Heights neighborhood when she was approached by the journalist and her cameraman, but Cardi wasn't ready to be filmed. Not only that but Cardi's father and her baby were with her and she didn't want them to be on camera. The rapper shared her experience in the live video and called out Gelena for her lack of professionalism. 

Cardi lashed out in an Instagram Live video and did not hold back.

Cardi said in the NSFW video she repeatedly asked not to be filmed because she wasn't dressed up or in glam, and also said her family doesn't like to be filmed so that they can maintain their privacy. She also said that she didn't appreciate them shoving cameras in her face when her baby was near. 


Gelena spoke about the incident and gave her side of the story.

"I have more than 15 years doing in this, and as a matter of fact we have regulations. I'm not going to be recording a baby without the mother's consent, it never happened and I would never do that," she told People en Español. "I saw Cardi B's dad and I recognized him from afar and I said, 'That's Cardi B's dad.' I didn't recognize her ... but I did see that someone passed the baby to a woman that was at a spa."  


Gelena revealed she still tried speaking to Cardi after she asked not to be recorded.

"I asked her how she was and how she was feeling, and thanked her for being part of the Dominican Republic and for defending Dominicans and she said she's not in any condition to talk that I am a woman just like her and that she was with her dad and her daughter," the reporter said. "So I lowered the microphone and her dad stayed with me outside and I asked him, 'Sir, how does it feel to have such a famous daughter?' and Cardi B came out of the spa after she had already gone inside and told us not to film her dad and then she started arguing with some guy that was passing through the street."

Although Gelena does accept that she tried hard to get an interview, she says she never filmed Cardi's daughter, Kulture, and that she is sorry for the incident. "I am a lady and I wasn't going to start arguing with her or with anyone on the street," she said. "We didn't show images of the little girl at any moment and if [Cardi] felt attacked. I apologize." 

Cardi also eventually apologized.

El Gordo y La Flaca shared a portion of Cardi's apology to Gelena on Instagram. "So I just wanted to apologize, I publicly said it. I don't know if they're going to put the video out," she says in the video. "On top of that, the lady was Dominican." 


The talk show also gave more insight about the incident the following day.

Even after Cardi's apology, the talk show went ahead and aired footage from their encounter on Thursday, June 27, and Cardi can be seen speaking to Gelena in a less than calm manner. While Gelena was doing her job, it's sort of difficult to draw the line on where people's access to celebrities begins and where it ends. 

Host Raúl de Molina defended the show's reporter.

The TV host spoke to radio DJ Enrique Santos about the incident and he stood behind Gelena, saying she was just doing her job by trying to land an interview with a big star. Raúl did say that if she captured images of the baby, that Gelena would've been in the wrong.


The show aired the clip of the moment Cardi confronted Gelena.

El Gordo y La Flaca aired the video on Thursday of when Cardi left the spa to confront the reporter about recording her dad. The hitmaker said her dad doesn't have security and revealing his identity will only put him in danger because people could harm him if they seem him out in public. Her delivery might be off to some, but she does make a valid point when it comes to keeping her family safe. After all, she signed up for the fame, they didn't.

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