Everything we know so far about Chiquis Rivera & Lorenzo Méndez's wedding

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Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez have made most of their personal lives public--from Chiquis freezing her eggs to Lorenzo's over-the-top proposal and even the ups and downs of their relationship. However, the couple is keeping most of the details of their upcoming wedding to themselves, although some teasers have been revealed--and we have all the scoop. 

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Between us, it's possible that Chiquis and Lorenzo have decided to make us wait until the third season of The Riveras airs to invite us into one of the most important days of their lives, the way they did with their engagement. Either way, we are so excited that these lovebirds are finally walking down the aisle, and we are sure that Chiquis is going to have a wedding fit for a queen.  

Chiquis and Lorenzo's wedding is taking place on Saturday, June 29, in California.

The couple has been together for three years. They both live in California, as well as most of their friends and family. It makes sense that they decided to get married close to home.


The couple chose the city of Pasadena to say their "I do's."

The city is close to Los Angeles, and it is beautiful. It has an old-fashioned atmosphere, and the Spanish colonial influence is felt throughout. There are gorgeous, scenic gardens and enviable weather, fit for a wedding.


The wedding will take place during the day.

The time is perfect for the children in their family--including Lorenzo's two daughters, who are close to Chiquis--to be part of the ceremony and all the celebrations. 

This is the couple's invitation.

Judging by this digital invitation, the party will have a Mexican flare to it, which is the culture that both Chiquis and Lorenzo love so much. From the looks of it, it seems like it's going to be a great time. 


Both of them celebrated their bachelor and bachelorette parties already.

The couple had their separate bachelor and bachelorette parties in Las Vegas, and Lorenzo shared this video of himself having a blast. They also had a joint celebration with their families in Mexico. 

Chiquis will be wearing white.

There is no doubt that Chiquis loves the mermaid design that fits close to her curvy figure. She is known to love glamour and sparkle, so her dress is likely to be something out of a storybook. The real question is whether or not the bride will have multiple dresses for the celebration, and we're inclined to bet that she will. 


The dress she chose has been kept under wraps.

Various outlets have tried their best to figure out which design Chiquis has chosen for her big day. Al Rojo Vivo reported that it could be one of the designs in the above clip. Could it be?

Fans aren't happy to hear that Chiquis and Lorenzo will keep their wedding private.

Even though they have not commented on anything regarding their wedding, Jenicka López, Chiquis' little sister, took to Twitter to share her thoughts about people not respecting the family's choice to keep this event private. 


Jenicka seemed to address why they are keeping the wedding private.

Of course, the soon-to-be husband and wife have all the right to pick and choose which part of their lives to share with the world. A wedding is such a special time that it makes sense that they are sharing it only with their loved ones.

Chiquis is making sure her late mom, Jenni Rivera, is part of the big day.

"I would love for my mom to be present in some way or form, whether it's something of hers or something that represents her, but of course I want her to be there the day I get married," she told Al Rojo Vivo. "I don't know if it will be a pair of heels, but it will be something that represents her well."


The church where the wedding is taking place is stunning.

The invitation says that the couple will be having their ceremony at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena. We can definitely picture Chiquis there walking down the aisle in her gorgeous gown. 


The pastor who is officiating the wedding is said to be close to the pair.

Pastor Javier Buelna, who is from the RTLA Church in Los Angeles and good friends with both Chiquis and Lorenzo, will be the one in charge of uniting them as husband and wife.

Pedro Rivera Jr. will not be officiating the wedding.

Jenni Rivera's oldest brother, Pedro, might not be officiating the ceremony, but he explained that he and his wife will be part of the wedding. 


Chiquis' siblings are the guests of honor.

They have been by each other's sides throughout all they have been through, so of course they will be with her on her big day. It's believed that her grandfather, Pedro Rivera, will be the one to walk her down the aisle and give her away.

The party will go down in a place that's special to the couple.

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It appears that the reception will take place at a vineyard in Los Angeles. The place might be familiar to Chiquis fans, as it's where Lorenzo proposed to her.


Most of the people in this picture are expected to be at the wedding.

The singers' loved ones will be present at the wedding to watch them say "I do." There are also rumors that some famous faces will be part of the guest list. 

The guests have been sworn to secrecy regarding the event.

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According to Univision, in order to attend the big wedding, guests had to sign a nondisclosure agreement to make sure they don't share any details or photos of the wedding. If they do violate the agreement and the couple's privacy, legal action can be taken against them. 


Details of the wedding and behind-the-scenes moments will reportedly be on the show.

Various sources are reporting that Chiquis and Lorenzo decided to keep things under wraps in regard to their wedding so that they can share the moment exclusively on The Riveras. Perhaps they even landed their own wedding TV special. 

We are so ready to celebrate with them!

People who were Jenni Rivera fans have known Chiquis since she was so young. They've been able to witness her life's trajectory, and it's great to see her find her happy ending with a man she loves like Lorenzo. 

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