Kim Kardashian shared pictures of White House visit & one is just wrong

Kim Kardashian at White House
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian went to the White House on June 13 to advocate for the First Step Act, which has provisions in it intended to help formerly incarcerated people. Although the visit happened almost two weeks ago, Kim just got around to sharing pictures of it. She was there to do good, but one of the pictures she shared is rubbing people the wrong way because it seems a tad inappropriate.

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What's inappropriate about the picture? Is she showing too much skin? Is she wearing latex? No, not at all. She's dressed appropriately, and she looks good, but she decided to get on top of a table because...well, because she's Kim Kardashian. See for yourself.


Here's the series of pictures Kim posted from her trip.

If you read the caption, it's solid. She talks about the First Step Act and working with individuals coming home from prison and the challenges they face. She announces her partnership with Lyft and how the company is offering credits to formerly "incarcerated people when they come home."

Some of the pictures show her wearing sunglasses indoors, which maybe most wouldn't do when visiting the White House, but whatevs. There's a picture of Trump watching as she speaks at a podium. Another one shows her sitting next to a smiling and clapping Ivanka. But the last one is Kim posing on a freakin' table. Why?!


What the what?!

This picture of Kim vamping on a table at the end of her slide show post on Instagram is what has people all riled up. Now, to be fair, the picture tags the Four Seasons Hotels, so perhaps it wasn't taken at the White House, but still--WHY? Why end on this note? It seems inappropriate given the circumstances and the serious cause that she is advocating.


And then came the backlash.

This particular comment letting Kim know that maybe that last picture should have been omitted is more respectful and insightful than most of the comments from people who thought that picture was inappropriate. This part of the comment kind of gets to the heart of it all, "Lying on a table doesn’t help you in [any way] with the image you are trying to portray and respect you are trying to gain."

Not to worry; she has plenty of supporters.

Fortunately for Kim and her cause, plenty of people don't give an eff about that last picture and are choosing to focus on the good she is doing instead. The truth of the matter is that she is using her platform to help others.


So why are we judging you, Kim?

Here's the thing: As mothers, we try our best to teach our children manners. We want them to know how to behave in certain circumstance so they will be respected. Yes, we know some of the rules around manners are uptight and outdated, but in this case we're gonna go with a solid keep your elbows and nalgas off the table when on a trip to the White House with the mission of helping people coming out of prison.

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