There is just something about our Latino men that is irresistible. The world of entertainment is filled with so many handsome Latinos that go above and beyond to keep themselves always looking good and in shape. These stars spend hours in the gym to make sure that they continue being the eye candy that their fans deserve--and we are all grateful for that. 

These famous guys love to show just how committed they are to the fitness life by posting their abs on social media, and their fans totally love it. They are all so confident and are well aware of what they are working with so they never shy away from showing off their killer bods. These celebs are always ready to put their six-packs on full display, no matter if they are at the beach or posing for a mirror selfie. 

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Chayanne shared an incredible shirtless photo of himself on a boat in June 2019, and it made our jaws drop. The Puerto Rican singer is 50 years old, but he has the body of a man in his 20s, for sure! He's always hard at work in the gym, and his abs prove it. While there are so many famous Latinas with enviable abs, there are also some handsome and fit men out there who deserve recognition. 

Chayanne is just one of many fellas who love those woo the ladies with a pic or two of their chiseled abs. And we are so not complaining. From Ricky Martin to William Levy and Sebastián Rulli, scroll through to see pics of our favorite Latino guys proudly showing off their washboard abs. 

Chayanne has been our favorite eye candy for decades. 1

Chayanne has a gorgeous smile that we all love to look at, right? But the second he takes off his shirt for a pic, his body definitely becomes the center of attention.


Ricky Martin has always been a good-looking guy. 2

The world practically got to watch Ricky grow up in front of its eyes, and the man never had an awkward stage--he's always been gorgeous! Now that's he's a bit older, his body looks better than ever and he's also not one to hide it. 


William Levy is an absolute dream. 3

It's been a while since the actor showed off his abs with a shirtless pic on Instagram, but this one he shared in 2015 with his daughter by the water is one of our favorites. 

Mario Lopez doesn't look like this by accident. 4

The TV personality indulges in pizza and tacos with his family from time to time, but that's because he is constantly staying active with various activities and burning off those calories. Mario goes beyond having a six-pack and his obliques are so toned and chiseled that it almost looks like his abs were painted on his body. 


Aarón Díaz spends a lot of time by the water. 5

This photo he shared of himself soaking in the sun's rays is priceless. It doesn't hurt that his body is so lean that all of his ab muscles are on full display.


Maluma knows a thing or two about taking a good pic. 6

The Colombian star's Instagram is absolute goals. He shares so many stunning photos of himself and his fun life, but this low key photo of him brushing his teeth made our jaws drop. He looks so good.


Jencarlos Canela's mirror pic was swoon-worthy. 7

His facial expression tells us that he is well aware that he is killing it in this pic of himself shirtless, with a fur coat draped around his shoulders. The things people do for a good Instagram pic!

Gabriel Soto's midsection is unbelievable. 8

The Mexican actor has had an enviable physique for as long as we can remember. The way the shadows highlight and define his muscles make his body look even better in this pic. 


Sebastián Rulli is a vision. 9

The actor seems his happiest whenever he's by the beach. He loves sharing photos of himself in his swimming trunks, while showing off how incredible his upper body is. 

Christian Meier knows how to turn up the heat. 10

How is this real?! The Peruvian actor left us with our mouths wide open when he shared this pic of himself without a shirt on and showing off his six-pack abs. He is one hot grandpa!


There's a reason why the ladies love Prince Royce. 11

The bachata singer shares photos of his workouts on Instagram, and by the looks of it, they are paying off. Look at those abs!

Fabián Ríos knows how to work his angles. 12

Fabián takes his appearance super seriously. He knows how to look his best in all his pics, and his abs were to die for in this shot he shared.


Chyno Miranda's wife can't keep her hands off her man's abs. 13

The singer's body looks so beyond amazing and his abs are so defined. Can we blame her for wanting to take a bite out of his chiseled bod? Not at all. 

J Balvin has been going hard at the gym. 14

We often see the Colombian singer hitting the gym even when he has a hectic schedule. The sacrifice has paid off and now he's proudly showing off his results with shirtless pics of himself. If you got it, flaunt it!


Erick Elías uses himself as motivation. 15

Staying motivated and consisted at the gym is not easy, and many people tend to fall off the wagon sometimes. Erick shared this throwback photo of himself on Instagram as inspiration to get back in the game. What better motivation than yourself? Look at his abs!

Sebastian Lletget's abs are the real deal. 16

Becky G is one luck girl! The soccer player shared this mirror selfie on Instagram and his body looks like it's nothing but muscle. We wonder how many sit-ups it takes to look like him. 


Wilmer Valderrama showed off his gains for an acting gig. 17

The actor stripped down to just his pants for his role on NCIS. It looks like he put in work to be camera-ready.

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