Jennifer Lopez's daughter Emme opens up about singing onstage

Jennifer Lopez/YouTube

Jennifer Lopez's daughter is shaping up to be quite a star. Little Emme has been joining her mom onstage during Jennifer's It's My Party tour, and she's been totally killing it. The 11-year-old has showcased her talent before in previous videos her mom shared, so the "Medicine" singer thought her daughter was ready to join her during the live concerts so they could share a special moment onstage together.

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J.Lo shared a behind-the-scenes video from the tour on her YouTube channel on Thursday, June 20, that featured Emme's experience appearing with Jen on the show. The little one, who also gets her talents from dad Marc Anthony, opened up for the first time about what it's been like to sing in front of a large crowd alongside her superstar mom. 

Jen's daughter hits the high notes with ease.

"So many gifts this bday tour is bringing me ... and this is one of my favorites," Jen captioned the Instagram video. "Sharing the stage and singing with my lil heart is full...she is #limitless."


J.Lo shared the full behind-the-scenes clip on YouTube.

The 11-year-old talked about rehearsing, getting her hair and makeup done before hitting the stage, and what it's like to be able to see her favorite person--mom Jen--onstage. It's amazing to see how comfortable she is singing in front of thousands of people at such a young age.


Emme opened up about overcoming her shyness.

"When I was little I used to be really shy singing in front of people," the little one said. "But not anymore. In school, I have singing stuff, I was in a play." She had a solo at a recent school play, but she said it doesn't compare to an arena tour. Emme added, "I've done this before, but not like this."

They sound and look amazing onstage together.

Emme has already been joining her mom onstage as they travel from city to city for the tour. Emme wears her own version of her mom's dress. Emme dresses in a "Limitless" red sweatshirt, a huge matching tulle skirt, and black boots. She looks so at ease onstage, and it's beautiful to see her really shine.


Emme left us all in awe when she showed off her vocals recently.

J.Lo's YouTube videos have been inviting fans to get a closer look at her life, and fans also get to see more of her kids. In one video she shared, Emme joined her during rehearsals and sang "If I Ain't Got You," and the world took notice. Her vocals were incredible, and there's no denying that she is a star in the making.

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