Khloé Kardashian can't handle her brother flirting with Natti Natasha

Natti Natasha Rob Kardashian
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 Things got flirty between Rob Kardashian and Dominican singer Natti Natasha via Twitter on Father's Day after he posted a picture wishing himself a happy Father's Day. Oh, yeah, they had a whole flirty exchange and some people were so there for it, while others, like Rob's sister Khloé Kardashian, were not having it.

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As a matter of fact, Khloé inserted herself into the flirty back and forth between Rob and Natti and got all protective and big sisterly on him, which is sort of cute. But let's be real: Rob is a grown man and single, he can flirt with whomever he cares to flirt with and his sister gets no say. Still, you have to see the exchange 'cause it's kind of funny.

Here's how the Father's Day flirting session got started.

Rob posted this super sweet picture of himself holding his daughter, Dream, and wrote, "Happy Father's Day to me." The photo is obviously a throwback because Dream, whose mother is Blac Chyna, is now around 2 years old.


Then Natti Natasha wished him a happy Father's Day.

Now, clearly, this isn't the first time these two flirted. Natti is implying that she knows Rob is a good father, as if she's seen him in daddy action before. And then she's all, "See you soon." OK!


Of course, fans started flipping out.

This isn't the only Twitter user who seems to think Natti wants to become a Kardashian. Another Twitter user thinks it's about time that a Latina shows the Kardashians how to behave and wrote: "Ya era hora de que una latina les enseñe a como comportarse!! Jajajjaja"

But things got really REAL when Khloé got involved.

Oh, we almost forgot to tell you that Rob responded to Natti's Tweet by thanking her and telling her that he would see her soon. When Khloé saw the interaction between her brother and Natti, she was all, "Rob what’s going on here?!?! Who is this girl?" Apparently, Khloé don't know nothing about no Natti Natasha.


Rob was not interested in Khloé's input.

Rob came back at Khloé with, "Do I know you?" And Khloé being Khloé responded with, "Don't make me pop your ass." Rob was all, "Listen just slow yourself down I'm trying to watch the Dodgers game." That's when Khloé announced that she was headed over to his place.

Would have been fun to be a fly on the wall when Khloé got to Rob's. Hopefully all went well and Khloé just wants to know what's going on in her brother's life. As for where Rob and Natti are headed, we'll just have to wait and see.

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