The best moments from Jennifer Lopez's 'It's My Party' tour so far

jennifer lopez tour
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It looks like Jennifer Lopez is having the time of her life on her It's My Party: The Live Celebration tour. The tour kicked off on Friday, June 8, at The Forum in Los Angeles, and judging from the photos and videos that have been shared so far, it is truly one big party. Jen will be celebrating her 50th birthday in July, so this 24-city tour is her way of bringing in a new decade of her life.  

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While most people would book a massive vacation or throw a giant party, Jen instead rolled up her sleeves and got to work to put on a show for her fans--like the hard worker she is. Her kids, Emme and Max, and fiancé Alex Rodriguez are going to be traveling by her side as she goes around North America for her shows. So far, it looks like one incredible experience, and there have already been some unforgettable moments. 

She kicked things off in Los Angeles on June 8.

She got the party started at The Forum in Los Angeles, and it was a night to remember for the concertgoers. There were plenty of surprises, including Emme's appearance onstage. It's clear that Jen is ready to celebrate her birthday in the biggest way.


They have created a time line of J.Lo's career.

Jen posed for some snaps in front of a time line of her life, career, and greatest accomplishments. She has done so much and has had so much success, she definitely has a lot to celebrate and be proud of! This is also pretty cool for fans to look back on her incredible trajectory.


Jen's tour is all about the girl power.

J.Lo keeps her three favorite girls close to her during her shows. She shared a photo of herself walking with daughter Emme and Alex's two girls, Natasha and Ella, after the concert. "Me and mine ❤️ #postshow," she captioned the cute pic.

Emme surprised the audience when she joined her mom onstage.

A recent YouTube video showed off Emme's incredible vocal talents while she sang J.Lo's song "Limitless" from her Second Act movie. Emme sounded so beautiful that Jen proposed the idea that she perform during the tour. The mom-and-daughter duo sang a duet onstage. It's so amazing to see her take the stage so fearlessly! 


Jen shared the cutest video of Alex and Emme after her performance.

A-Rod was waiting backstage for Emme when she was done with her portion of the show, and he picked the little one up in his arms and gave her the sweetest hug. Jen shared the moment on Instagram and captioned it: "My whole heart."

The costumes are insane.

Jen's stage looks are always something to talk about. From bodysuits to sheer ensembles, she always knows how to stand out during a performance, and this white outfit with the cut-outs is definitely something special.


J.Lo kills it in a neon green ensemble while singing one of her biggest hits.

"Waiting for Tonight" is undeniably one of J.Lo's best songs, right? So this part of the show definitely calls for lights and bright colors that remind us of the super-cool music video

She sings her past hits as well as her most recent music.

The set list for a concert is really what makes it or breaks it. Jen has a large catalog of music, so she has found a way to include her classic anthems like "If You Had My Love" as well as her most recent single "Medicine."


A-Rod is sure to wait for her as soon as she gets off the stage.

Jen shared this clip of her running into Alex's arms as soon as she wrapped the show. It's so great for her to have someone who's always rooting for her on the sidelines. 

He has also been sharing some of the behind-the-scenes action.

No one is prouder of his girl than Alex, and he shows up every chance he gets to see her kill it onstage. He was there by her side every step of the way as she prepared for the tour, and he doesn't miss a beat when he's sitting front row watching her perform. He shared another photo of her and captioned it: "5 shows down, many more to go! Continue to be in awe of @jlo for all the hard work she put into this tour and bringing her vision to life. Having so much fun watching you do what you love. Proud of you, baby! ❤️ #JLOItsMyParty #ItsMyParty."