Fans take to Twitter to mourn the death of Edith González

edith gonzalez dead death

The death of telenovela star Edith González was confirmed on Thursday, June 13, and the world of entertainment is in mourning. Stars have shared their photos with the beloved Mexican actress, accompanied by their fond memories of her and messages of support for her loved ones during this tough time. Fans are also pouring out their feelings on social media, as they mourn the telenovela star, who died at the age of 54. 

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Many people, of all ages, have grown up watching Edith on television, and some were hit hard by the news of her passing. The actress was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016, and three years later she lost her battle with the disease. Her family and loved ones are receiving an outpouring of support, and fans are sharing the most heartfelt messages about her and everything she symbolized for them. 

People practically grew up watching her on-screen.

Her fans reminisced on the fond memories they have of Edith and how magical it was to watch her on-screen. They shared their favorite moments from her novelas and recalled how big of a role she played in their lives while they were growing up.


Some of her fans couldn't hold back their emotions.

The news hit some people harder than others, and some actually cried after hearing the news. While fans don't always get to meet their favorite celebrities in person, their passing often leaves quite an impression on fans. One Twitter user said her mother was crying after hearing the heartbreaking news.


Many Twitter users flooded their timelines with heartfelt messages.

While she became famous thanks to her acting, it was Edith's spirit that captivated the hearts of millions of novela fans around the world. She began her career at age 5 and starred in movies, novelas, radio shows, plays, etc. She will be remembered as a quality actress with a heart of gold. 

Some fans shared their personal connections to the beloved actress.

One fan shared a memory she had of the actress, who spoke about how much she loved being a mother. Others mentioned how Edith had been the inspiration behind their relatives' names. It's amazing how a person can touch so many lives and not even know it!


Others remembered her for her incredible talent.

Edith's career took off in the 1970s, and she has had a wide variety of roles ever since. She always knew how to captivate an audience no matter which character she was portraying, and her death is definitely a loss to the Latino entertainment community.

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