Kim Kardashian turns to a medical spiritual medium to find a cure for her psoriasis

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Money can't buy everything, especially when it comes to health. Kim Kardashian is proof that sometimes even having access to the best doctors and treatments in the world can't help when it comes to illnesses. The KKW Beauty founder has been struggling with psoriasis for years, and she's been open with her fans about dealing with the skin condition, even sharing photos of her scares and breakouts on social media.

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On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a frustrated Kim took matters into her own hands and hired a medical medium named Anthony William to help cure her psoriasis rashes. The medium visited her at home and tried to find the source of her problem, and although Kim was a bit skeptical at first, she is a big fan of the spiritual world, and she had to give it a shot after the medical medium was recommended to her by several people. 

Kim is exhausting all her resources to find a solution for her condition.

A medical medium named Anthony William paid a home visit to Kim and examined her and the spots on her skin. She said several people recommended him, and she is super into the spiritual world, so she gave it a shot.

"When it gets to my face, that's a problem," Kim said to him before he evaluated her. The medium communicates with spirits as he goes through the patient's organs to find the source of the problem.

"With you it's definitely the liver," he told Kim. "You have really high deposits of copper. I know it probably sounds so far-fetched, right?" Anthony recommended celery juice to get rid of the toxins in her body. 


Kim has been open about her struggles with the condition for years.

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She shared photos of a flare-up in February, and her legs were completely covered! When looking flawless and perfect is part of your image and your job, this kind of breakout is most likely super frustrating for Kim. 


The flare-ups even show on her face sometimes.

While the marks on her body can be easily covered, Kim is not a fan of having the rashes show up on her face. Having perfect, flawless skin is the key to a great makeup look, so this probably interferes with her glam team's goal to make her look perfect in photos and on the red carpet.

Kim has tried the natural route to heal her skin.

She shared a photo of herself with herbal ointment smeared all over her face. While she has the resources to see top-of-the-line medical care, sometimes money can't buy a solution to your health problems. Kim opted for a natural product this time, and at least found some joy in the process: “Psoriasis is the s--ts 😂, it’s just herbal ointment.”


Kim is now launching her own KKW Beauty body makeup.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode coincided with Kim's announcement that she was launching a new line of body makeup products. "I’ve been working on these formulas for over a year now and I’m so happy with how creamy and blendable they all are," she tweeted. "You can layer the formulas together or use them individually to achieve how much coverage and shimmer you want. I can’t wait for you guys to try this collection!!"

She said she's been using body makeup to cover her condition.

Since she hasn't been able to find a solution, Kim has found a way to at least cover her psoriasis whenever she makes public appearances during a flare-up. Since her go-to body foundation brand was discontinued, Kim took it upon herself to make her own body makeup for her brand.


Her fans who also struggle with psoriasis are ready to support.

Kim let a fan know that this body foundation would help cover marks from their skin condition. It is so like Kim to take a problem and then turn that into a business opportunity. That's how she has amassed her fortune, after all!

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