Jennifer Lopez's daughter Emme joins her mom on-stage during concert & it was beautiful


Jennifer Lopez and her daughter, Emme, sang together to kick off the megastar's It's My Party tour at The Forum in Los Angeles, and it was such a special moment that I watched it two or three times in a row after J.Lo posted a clip of the duet on her Instagram page. This seriously must have been a dream come true for both mother and daughter. Can you even imagine?

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In recent months, Jennifer has been showing off some of 11-year-old Emme's vocal skills, and while she maintains that Emme will only enter showbiz if that's what she wants, we definitely see a star in the making. I mean, between the singing chops she seems to have inherited from her famous salsero father Marc Anthony to the charisma and dance ability that her mother seems to have passed on to her, Emme totally seems meant for great things.

Jennifer is obviously in awe of Emme.

Within the first few seconds of the clip from the It's My Party tour performance, it's obvious how in love and in awe of her daughter's voice J.Lo is. She captioned the clip, "I can't take it! #Emme #Limitless #ProudMama #JLoItsMyParty." Emme sounds absolutely beautiful, and we can only imagine how proud Jennifer must be to have such a talented child and to be able to share her passion with her.


It all started back in 2017.

Back in 2017, we got a first glimpse of Emme as a little star in the making when she posed for ¡Hola! magazine with her famous mami and proved to be a natural in front of the camera. Then we witnessed her incredible voice just a few weeks ago, when Jennifer shared a video from rehearsals.


We know Emme has been taking dance for years.

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Jennifer, Marc, and even Alex Rodriguez have been sharing photos and clips from Emme's dance recitals for years, so performing and entertaining have clearly been an interest of hers for a long time. It must be incredible to have such talented parents and be able to follow in their footsteps.

Emme actually starred in the "Limitless" music video alongside her mother.

Emme also starred alongside her mother in the emotional music video for "Limitless," which debuted in December 2018, so it was incredibly fitting that she also perform the song live with her mom during the tour's kickoff. We love that Jennifer stopped singing for a second herself just to give Emme a chance to shine.



So far, Emme's twin Max seems to have zero interest in the limelight.

Based on the evidence Jennifer's fiancé Alex Rodriguez posted to his Instagram story during the show, Emme's twin brother, Max, is content to let his sister share the stage while he chills out in the dressing room. We're sure he has his own set of talents, but at least for now, it seems he's keeping them to himself.

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