Beyoncé gives death stare to woman talking to Jay-Z over her & we are so on Bey's side


The Beyhive is all abuzz over the death stare that Beyoncé gave "Becky with the good hair." OK, the woman that Beyoncé shot daggers at is named Nicole Lacob and is the wife of the Joe Lacob, who is the majority owner of the Golden State Warriors. This all went down during the NBA Finals game between the Warriors and the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday, June 5.

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See, what happened was, Jay-Z and Beyoncé were sitting courtside. Beyoncé was seated between Jay-Z and Nicole when at one point Nicole decided to lean over Beyoncé and start talking to Jay-Z. Wait until you see the look that Beyoncé got on her face; it is not cute. 

Watch and then let's analyze!

Beyoncé is all smiles at first, waving at someone across the court, and then Nicole invades her personal space to get to Jay-Z. Bey's face goes from smiling to looking like she just smelled something rank.


Can we get a close-up?

See what we mean when we say "fuchi" face? Tell us Beyoncé doesn't look like she smells something rank? But wait for it; there's more!


This right here!!!

Beyoncé did not simply give this intruder a fuchi face and death stare--no! Beyoncé used her shapely booty to scooch over and reclaim her personal space.

But the Beyhive went after Nicole way too hard after the incident.

According to TMZ, after the clip went viral and the Beyhive started attacking Nicole, Nicole posted a picture on Twitter saying, "We should all help and support each other." But, pobrecita, people came so hard at her that now she's made her Twitter and Instagram private, and can you blame her? It's a little much to attack someone over talkin' to Jay-Z while invading Beyoncé's personal space.


Seriously, for all we know, Beyoncé made that face 'cause someone farted.

After all, how do we know Beyoncé wasn't making a fuchi face because someone tooted? Or maybe she was the one who had gas, and that's why she did the booty scooch.

Yes, Nicole was violating personal space boundaries, and yes, we know Jay-Z has cheated on Beyoncé, but is it fair to attack this woman and drag her through the mud for her lack of manners? No. Beyoncé's death stare and booty shove is punishment enough. Everyone else leave her alone.