Isadora Figueroa
Isadora Figueroa/Instagram

For some reason, it seems like celebrity kids grow up at faster rates than regular kids. When it was reported that Chayanne's daughter, Isadora Figueroa, had graduated high school, it was hard to believe that so much time had passed since she was born. The now 18-year-old shared an adorable photo of her big day and she was surrounded by her beautiful family--including her famous dad. 

The first thing that stood out is how much the high school grad and her pop star dad look alike! Their smiles are definitely identical and she has the same dark features he has, like his brown eyes, tan skin, and deep brown hair. Chayanne welcomed Isadora in December 2000 with his wife, Marilisa Maronesse, and they were already parents to son Lorenzo, who was born in 1997. 

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In so many of Isadora's Instagram photos, the resemblance between her and her father is so clear. She's beautiful and the best part is that she also acts like a down-to-earth teenager. She might be the daughter of a singing sensation, but that doesn't mean she acts older than she is. So many of her pics show her living her best life but in the purest and most innocent way. 

She is now headed to the University of Miami for college, and we're sure her famous dad is beaming with pride over his little one. It's hard to believe how quickly she has grown and that she is already a young woman. Scroll to see how beautiful Chayanne's daugher is and see just how much the dad and daughter duo look alike. 

It's clear that she is a perfect balance of both of her parents. 1

This pic of the family is just so great--they all have incredible smiles. Although she is a carbon copy of her father, there are some features that she got from her mom. But so many of her Instagram pics show just how much Isadora looks like her famous dad.


She is already a high school grad. 2

When Chayanne revealed in June 2019 that his little girl was graduating high school, our jaws dropped. It's so hard to believe that so much time has already passed!


Isadora is absolutely stunning. 3

The best part is she doesn't take herself too seriously. She captioned this pic: "I’m really trying to find a way to make this caption nonchalant and less awkward, but it’s hard cause this is clearly a very posed selfie."

She looks so gorgeous here. 4

While she does have a strong resemblance to her mom, her darker features and her smile are definitely from her dad. She's the perfect blend of her two parents.


Isadora is having the time of her life. 5

She often shares photos of herself with her friends at music festivals and parties and always seems like she's having a blast.


This timeless black and white shot of Isadora is everything. 6

It's so breathtaking! She'll be able to frame this photo and hang it on her wall to look back at her youth for years to come. 


Isadora looked radiant in Italy. 7

She might be just 18 but this young woman has already traveled all over the world. It pays to be a mega pop star's kid, after all. 

She has a natural glow about her. 8

And dimples! You know you've got a great smile when you have dimples to accent it. She's a lucky one.


She knows how to have fun. 9

Isadora is having the time of her life. The young athlete might be heading off to college now, but it's clear she enjoyed her time in high school.

Isadora gives us major boho chic vibes. 10

This skirt, off-the-shoulder top, and hat definitely work on her. There's no need for sky-high heels and tight dresses when you look this gorgeous in flowy and comfortable clothes.


Her smile is so big when she's at the beach. 11

We all look a little happier under the sun, right? Isadora wore a really adorable monokini to the beach and she looked totally blissful. 

She for sure inherited her dad's beautiful smile. 12

Isadora is definitely not afraid of close-ups, judging by this photo. I mean, who would if you're this pretty? You can definitely see traces of Chayanne's charming smile on his kid!


Isadora posed in the snow for some pics. 13

She was surrounded by gorgeous views, but she definitely stood out. 

Even though she's naturally beautiful, she keeps herself humble. 14

She looked gorgeous in this shot, with a stunning view behind her and her killer abs on display. But she reminded everyone she also has flaws by pointing out the pimple in the center of her forehead. What a humble queen!


She fit right in on her father's island. 15

She shared this photo walking around Puerto Rico and totally looked like she belonged there. Chayanne must be so proud of his little one.

This stunning photo of Isadora in Thailand is the best. 16

She looked totally relaxed after paddleboarding in Thailand. She stays active when she's at home, too, by playing sports like volleyball. 


She is too cute! 17

She is too cute!


Look at her smile! She does the type of activities typical teenagers do, like pose for cute pics at the local mall. 

Isadora also has great style. 18

Isadora has embraced the cool, laid-back style that so many young people are rocking these days. While people her age were wearing body-con dresses at one point, now it's all about crop tops and baggy pants.


She keeps it simple. 19

While a lot of teenagers her age are opting for a full face of makeup and hair extensions, Isa keeps it simple and natural with her gorgeous long wavy hair and little to no makeup. She really is a breath of fresh air.

She's not afraid to be just a little silly. 20

She dressed up as a soldier one Halloween by wearing head-to-toe Army green. She asked her followers: "You can't see me, right?"