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Accidents happen, even when you're a celebrity. The hard truth is that when a celebrity falls or trips in public, the whole world will know. So many stars have taken hard falls on stage during their concerts and it quickly makes headlines. What makes matters worse is that now fans go to concerts prepared to record every single moment, and often capture these falls on video, which are then shared on social media. 

Stars like Wisin, Paulina Rubio, and Jennifer Lopez have had their embarrassing onstage falls shared by thousands of people online. Some stars have been able to recover like true professionals, some have even been able to laugh it off and carried on with their shows, while others have had to be rushed to the hospital

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At times, it's the singers' shoes that play cruel tricks on them, while other times it's the openings on stage that have made them fall right through. For other singers, like Jerry Rivera, it was a bit more serious. The salsero's stage collapsed causing him to badly injure his knee. Ouch! 

Falling can happen to anyone, but falling in the middle of a show has to be the worst. There are so many eyes on you and if you get badly hurt, not only is your health at risk, but fans won't be getting the show they were anticipating. Scroll through to see some of the worst falls celebrities have had on stage.

Wisin's fall was so bad he ended up in the hospital. 1

During a concert in June 2019, Wisin waved goodbye to fans at the end of the show and didn't realize the stage was still open behind him. He took a step back and plummeted into the opening while his dancers and his bandmate, Yandel, jumped in to help him. Wisin was hospitalized and was treated for minor injuries from his fall. 


Paulina Rubio just wanted to be closer to her fans. 2

Paulina was speaking to fans, letting them know that she felt closer to them while walking down an extension that was attached to her main stage. The pathway she was walking down was quite dark, and she didn't realize she was near the end so she continued walking and fell off of it.


Fher Olvera took quite a hit when he fell off stage. 3

The Maná lead singer completely missed the stage when he was performing with his band. A fan captured the video of the moment (around 30 seconds in) when the singer steps back and falls off the stage, and it looked like a pretty bad fall. 

Juan Gabriel's trip was the fall heard around the world. 4

This video of the late singer completely falling off stage during a show in Houston is so hard to watch. Juan Gabriel opened up his show in 2005 with his signature moves when his feet became entangled and he lost his balance. He was rushed to the hospital because he hit his head on the ground, causing a concussion. He also broke his wrist.


Jennifer Lopez knows how to recover like a pro. 5

Jenny from the Block has fallen on stage more than once, but she always recovers like the rock star she is. During this concert, the singer fell so hard and injured herself but continued performing with a bloody knee. 


Luis Miguel took a tumble but he got rather lucky. 6

While it might've been embarrassing for him to have thousands of fans, plus the rest of the world, see him fall on stage, the lighting on stage turned off as soon as he fell. Call it luck or a good light technician, but LuisMi definitely dodged some embarrassment. 


Ariana Grande might want to reconsider her stage looks. 7

The incredible singer is known for rocking sky-high heels and boots while she's on stage. One night, during a concert, the singer wore some black thigh-high Christian Louboutin boots and she took quite a fall while she ran around on stage. The songstress continued singing like a pro, but couldn't help but laugh at herself a little in the process.

Selena Gomez's reaction to her fall was so charming. 8

Selena is sort of used to falling or tripping on stage. So much so that when she fell during one of her tours, she just laughed it off and kept going. 


Justin Bieber seemed to fall out of nowhere. 9

Those pesky openings on stage have gotten the best of some of our favorite stars, including Justin Bieber. During his Purpose tour, the singer was walking around his stage when suddenly his leg fell into a gap in the floor, causing him to fall. 

Travis Scott did not see this one coming. 10

Drake brought out Travis Scott during one of his concerts, only to have him disappear into a hole on the ground. Drake seemed concerned for his friend, but Kylie Jenner's beau quickly recovered and pulled himself back on stage like a champ.


Demi Lovato is known for her onstage falls. 11

So much so that one of Demi's fans made a compilation video of her many stage falls. Demi is another one who is quick to poke fun at herself after her accidents, and that's what makes her a real trooper.

Karol G took her embarrassing fall like a champ. 12

Karol G slipped and fell on her bottom during a performance with Lali Espósito and Becky G. Lali quickly ran to her rescue and picked her up off the ground, but not before Karol's ego was already bruised.


Anuel AA took the wrong step forward. 13

Perhaps the rapper expected to be performing on a bigger stage, because once he took a step forward he quickly realized he totally missed and he tipped forward and fell off the stage. His girlfriend, Karol G, continued singing while he dusted himself off and got right back to his performance.

Camila Cabello had a hard fall while singing with Fifth Harmony. 14

During a concert with her then group Fifth Harmony, Camila walked backwards while singing and fell back hard. No one that was on stage with her seemed to notice, so she quickly got herself back up and carried on with the show.


Iggy Azalea simply ran out of space on stage. 15

Iggy had a pretty bad fall while performing her hit "Fancy" in 2014. She kept walking back and at one point, she reached the end of the stage without realizing and fell off the stage. Security helped her get back on stage and she continued rapping the entire time without missing a beat. 

Alejandro Fernández needed some help getting back up. 16

Alejandro attempted to sit down on equipment while he was performing at one of his shows when he missed and fell over. People ran to help him get back on his feet. Some reports said the singer might've been under the influence during the show.


One of Pink's stunts went horribly wrong. 17

Pink has made acrobatics a large part of her shows, but one stunt went south for her. While her dancers were attaching her to a harness, one lost control and the equipment pulled the singer off the stage. She was recorded by fans nearby and she could be heard saying she couldn't "feel anything" after the fall, as well as some NSFW swearing. Ouch.

Leslie Grace almost made it. 18

The singer walked down a set of stairs carefully during a performance with CNCO but once she made it down, her shoe slipped, causing her to tumble. Joel Pimentel quickly ran over to her and helped her up and she continued singing, shaky voice and all.


Diddy got a bit too ahead of himself. 19

Diddy is known for his high energy when he is performing. While he was on stage at the 2015 BET Awards, the rapper didn't realize there was an opening on the floor and he fell right through it. 

A part of Jerry Rivera's stage collapsed and left him severely injured. 20

During a concert in Ecuador in 2018, Jerry came up onto the stage on a lift. But before he could even start performing, the lift collapsed, taking the singer down with it. He was hospitalized and had to have surgery on his knee because of the fall. 


Drake's onstage fall tore his ACL. 21

While most stars just simply keep performing after a fall, Drake's was so serious the rapper totally collapsed on stage. He was then carried up by his team and he hopped off the stage.