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Kylie Jenner has literally evolved into a woman right in front of our eyes. We first met her as a child when she made her television debut on Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2007, but she has since transformed into a whole new person. Being the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings, Kylie found a way to stand out among the rest and become quite a powerhouse all on her own. 

The physical changes she has gone through have also grabbed a lot of attention. Kylie's appearance began to quickly change when she was still a teenager, and she seemed to grow up practically overnight. Her facial features became more mature and her body curvier and curvier with the passing of time, resembling her Kardashian sisters more than her sister, Kendall Jenner

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Kylie's body took on an hourglass shape, and she had to address rumors of her undergoing breast enlargement surgery when she was still in her teens. Her body underwent yet another massive transformation when she got pregnant for the first time in 2017 and looks totally different now, a year after she welcomed daughter Stormi Webster

The makeup mogul looks totally confident in her skin these days, fully embracing her new curves. She often wears clothes that accentuate her tiny waist and make her hips look perfectly round. Kylie is not shy when it comes to showing off her body on Instagram and she often poses in ways that highlight her curvy frame. Scroll through to see all the times she left her followers in awe with photos of her insane figure on Instagram.

Kylie always gives us her best angle. 1

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star captioned this photo, "Spicy 🌶". 


This sexy photo of Kylie got over 8.6 million likes in a couple of days. 2

She really knows how to cause a stir on social media with her sexy poses. 


Kylie is really proud of her curves. 3

And she's not afraid to flaunt them. 

This look is insane. 4

Kylie's body is so incredibly proportionate and it looks like she's getting even curvier with the passing of each day. 


This brown dress brought out the best in her. 5

Kylie wore this gorgeous maxi dress that fit her so well, especially around her booty area. There's no denying that it looked bigger than ever in this pic.


She was definitely feeling her look while on vacation. 6

Kylie wore a skintight sheer dress while on vacation and it hugged her curves so well. She had to make sure to tag her man, Travis Scott, right around the booty area.


This white dress fits her like a glove. 7

This dress was so tight that her neon underwear was clearly visible. Her waist looks so small compared to her mega round hips. 

This cuddly pic of Kylie and her little girl is so cute. 8

Not only that but her legs look so thicc! Kylie was always slim growing up but after becoming a mom, she definitely looks fuller in all the right places.


Kylie is a pro at taking mirror pics. 9

The pose she used in this one in particular really helped her show off her curves. The ruching on this dress also helped bring out her assets even more. 

She loves a good sheer ensemble. 10

This sheer one-piece left it all on display for Kylie, and it's easy to see her every curve. She sure knows how to pull off outfits like these!


This dress was definitely one of her best looks. 11

We love everything about this look, and the material fits her just right. Her figure is so insane, she almost looks like a mannequin in this photo. 

Kylie's cleavage has gotten a lot of attention over the years. 12

Kylie has had to repeatedly shut down rumors that she had breast augmentation after her boobs appeared to grow overnight. She continues showing them off and wearing low-cut tops, with not a care in the world.


Kylie was showing her post-baby body in this skintight dress. 13

After her pregnancy, Kylie definitely looked curvier than ever--and she rocked it! This dress perfectly hugged her curves and she looked like a goddess. 

Kylie knows her angles. 14

Who would've thought that a pose like this could be so flattering? Kylie wore white bike shorts that made her body look totally curvy.


The best part about Kylie's figure is that she's so petite but also curvy. 15

Kylie's upper body is so toned and slim but her lower half is super curvy. This pose in a gold mini dress shows us her best side.

Latex has become one of Kylie's go-to fabrics. 16

Latex is one of the most unforgiving fabrics you can wear because every flaw is visible. Kylie squeezed her hourglass frame into this tube dress and she absolutely killed it.


No matter what she wears, it's clear she has a killer body. 17

This strapless dress looked like it was her second skin. It fit her so well and definitely highlighted just how curvy she is. 

Her hips looked massive in this orange dress. 18

Having wide hips wasn't always something women coveted. Recently having big hips and a tiny waist has become the shape every woman wants, and Kylie definitely has it.


Kylie looked unreal in this dress. 19

Black is always so flattering, and Kylie struck a pose to show off the dress that looked like it was made for her. 

This mini dress looked fantastic on her. 20

It looks like she's wearing some type of corset in this pic, which makes her waist look amazing and her booty pops out even more! Sometimes it's all about what's under the clothes you wear that creates the perfect illusion.


This photo is a bit blurry but one thing is clear. 21

Everything Kylie wears looks amazing on her! This dress showed off how tiny her waist is and how insane the comparison is between that and her hips.

Kylie was showing off her hair, but the attention went elsewhere. 22

While she was trying to show off the decorations in her hair, her booty definitely stole the show in this pic from Easter 2019.


Kylie's body is incredibly proportionate. 23

Kylie rarely posts videos or photos of her workout routine, but she definitely should. The world needs to know how she gets her body to look this good all the time.

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