Jennifer Lopez finally gives a wedding planning update

jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez wedding
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Power couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been engaged for a few months now, and while fans are getting antsy to learn more details about their upcoming wedding, the happy couple are apparently content to take their time. "We really see this as something that is gonna be forever and we're gonna just take our time," Jennifer recently told Entertainment Tonight in an interview about her next concert tour, which kicks off in June.

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Since the start of the couple's relationship more than two years ago, they've done things at their own pace--announcing their status, introducing their kids to each other, buying homes--they haven't let anyone define what and how they handle their love and the blending of their two families. It seems that one thing they've both learned from their previous marriages is that there's no need to rush true love.

People have speculated about when the pair would get married since before they were even engaged.

Jennifer and Alex's relationship has seemed much like a fairy tale match made in heaven since the beginning, so before they even got engaged pretty much everyone expected it to happen. There's been no shortage of speculation over the past two years. Literally everyone has been rooting for them!


Before committing, they made sure their family was solid.

Age and experience seem to have shaped how A-Rod and J.Lo approached their relationship. They seem to always put their children first and prioritized turning their two families into one rock-solid blended family before biting the bullet and finally getting engaged.


They got things squared away with their exes and finances, too.

Before their engagement, the couple worked together to secure Alex's child support arrangement with his ex-wife and purchased a gorgeous home to share. They are both incredibly successful and it was super smart of them to get all of their affairs in order before taking a step as big as marriage.

And of course, they have work to think about.

While it's obvious that they both make plenty of time for each other, they are for sure some of the hardest workers in the celebrity world. Jennifer told Entertainment Tonight that they have a busy year ahead and that they're in no rush to plan the wedding. That said, we're betting that means there won't be any wedding bells until at least 2020.


It seems like they are content to enjoy the moment.

Jennifer looks totally relaxed talking about the wedding, the work, and her relationship and that speaks volumes. We've seen her rush into relationships and it not work out, so it's awesome to see her take it slow in love and just enjoy where her and Alex are right now, without all the pressure of trying to plan her wedding fast enough to quell the curiosity of the public.

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