The Kardashians don't approve of Kris Jenner's BF Corey Gamble & here's why

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The Kardashian sisters are overprotective when it comes to their mom Kris Jenner. The matriarch has been dating boyfriend Corey Gamble since 2014, but it seems like her children are still unsure about her beau. In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that aired on Sunday, May 26, Kim and Khloé Kardashian confronted their mom about her boyfriend and his secretive ways.

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Kim's husband Kanye West reached out to Corey via text message to ask him about his background and why the family didn't know much about him and his personal life, five years into his relationship with Kris. The momager seemed upset at Kanye's abrupt text and confronted her daughters about it, saying they are to blame.

Kanye texted Corey to ask why they had never met his family before.

"Kanye texts Corey something along the lines of, 'Look, we don’t know you; we’ve never met any of your family members,'" Kim said about the situation. "Of course we’ve all felt that way and thought that, but for Kanye to just so bluntly say that to him--I feel like that was the wrong choice to make at that time."

On the other hand, sister Khloé stood by her brother-in-law. "Kanye’s delivery wasn't great, but the essence of what he said is true," Khloé said. "Corey does tend to be pretty secretive, and that does have me pretty guarded...We don’t know Corey like that."

Kris wasn't upset with Kanye, but she blamed her daughters for speaking badly about Corey around the rapper, causing him to overthink the situation.


In the episode, Khloé was also disappointed when Corey crashed a girls trip.

Khloé had another issue with her mom inviting Corey to a girls trip that was supposed to be a bonding moment for them. The Good American cofounder has kept her distance from Corey since the start of his relationship with her mom, since it started soon after her divorce from her husband, now known as Caitlyn Jenner. 

"After my mom got her divorce, I was like, 'OK, this probably isn't going to last,'" she said. "I just didn’t feel the need to get that connected or attached. Then when I saw time progressing and the relationship was still there, we tried to get to know him, but he has not been receptive in this whole thing."


Kris' daughters have been skeptical about Corey from the start.

The reality stars' relationship with Corey has been a plot on the show for several seasons. He has had issues with Khloé and Kim in the past, and they have addressed how secretive he is about both his professional life and his personal one. Kendall Jenner and Khloé attempted to get to know him during a trip to Mexico, but it seems like the issues remained.

According to Kris, Corey isn't going anywhere.

The family has had their issues with getting close to Corey for years, but after nearly five years of dating the man, Kris wants her kids to know that he is here to stay.

"It’s really important for Khloé to understand that she really needs to get on my bandwagon because Corey is a part of the family, he isn’t going anywhere, and she needs to be nice," she said. "Nobody really slows down enough to take a look at it from a bird’s eye view of my life. I want you to recognize that when you do question my relationship with Corey, it isn’t OK and it hurts feelings. I think what you guys don’t realize is Corey is really taking care of me like no one ever has in my entire life."

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