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A multilevel marketing company known as NXIVM has been making headlines lately for the arrest of its leader, Keith Raniere, and the start of his trial for sex trafficking. Prosecutors say the business was actually a sex cult, in which women were brainwashed and blackmailed into becoming "sex slaves." Shocking stories of group sex sessions and sex prisoners have come to light, but nothing has been as surprising as finding out that one of our beloved telenovela stars has been touched by the scandal.

Emiliano Salinas, telenovela star Ludwika Paleta's husband and the son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, has been officially linked to NXIVM in a New York court. The allegations include embezzlement, extortion, to sexual slavery, piracy, among other serious crimes. Several high-profile people have already been arrested, including a TV actress and a millionaire Canadian heiress.

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Univision reported that Emiliano Salinas was named as one of the known collaborators of NXIVM leader Raniere in Mexico and, although Salinas has not been charged yet, many have been saying the charges will come because proof against him has been mounting. For years, the eldest son of Mexico's controversial former president Salinas de Gortari has been the Mexico representative for NXIVM, which is pronounced "nexium." Salinas openly promoted the organization.

NXIVM billed itself as a self-help organization. In Mexico, Salinas also presented it as a means to bring peace to the embattled nation. Nevertheless, a federal investigation revealed the organization's practices and it was reportedly a front for a sex slave cult, among other criminal activities. The whole thing is crazy and the details are horrific.

Since 2008, Emiliano Salinas has called himself an NXIVM follower. 1

Since 2008, Emiliano Salinas has called himself an NXIVM follower.

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He linked the organization to his Movimiento Inlak’ech por la Paz, AC movement, that defines itself on its webpage as "a movement made of citizens whose objective is to reduce the fear and violence through the construction of a true community that seeks organization, participation,  free expression, and community service." It also explains that In Lak'ech means "I am you, you are me" in Mayan.


The movement was linked to NXIVM, which was behind the Executive Success Program centers headed by Salinas. 2

Allegedly, these training and self-help centers were just Raniere's front to develop his criminal activities. When Raniere cut his ties to ESP, Emiliano Salinas admitted that he had been with the program for 15 years.


Months before, "The New York Times" had uncovered the organization. 3

With the title "Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded," The New York Times recounted horrific stories of women--members of the organization with headquarters in the United States, Canada, and Mexico--who were branded like cattle with hot iron rods and were brainwashed into becoming Raniere's sex slaves.

Raniere was arrested in Mexico on March 28, 2018. 4

Raniere was in Puerto Vallarta when federal agents from Mexico and the United States arrested him; a few days later, Salinas unlinked himself from the organization, but it may have been too late.


In this video, Salinas talks about his mentor, Raniere. 5

Salinas described him as a man of "great accomplishments." He continued: "But what's most important is that he's a man of proven character and an ethic leader when faced with adversity."


Salinas was implicated during the trial against Raniere. 6

Salinas was implicated during the trial against Raniere.

NYC District Attorney Office

United States prosecutors have presented documents and testimony to show that Emiliano Salinas, his associate Alejandro Betancourt, and real estate businessman from Jalisco, Jack Levy, have been part of Raniere's most intimate circle. This image shows Raniere's associates, with Salinas on the bottom left. Among the witnesses that confirm this are Lauren Salzman, daughter of NXVIM Vice President Nancy Salzman, who was an associate at one of Salinas' companies.


According to news website Aristegui Noticias, Salinas knew everything. 7

As proof, it offered this recording, which allegedly makes it clear that Salinas did know the part about handing in compromising information to keep members quiet about the inner workings of NXIVM.

The details that have emerged about the organization's practices have been horrific. 8

These are the photos published by The Frank Report about the brands made on women. Those who were initiated into an elite and secret group of "slaves" called DOS (Dominant Over Submissive) allegedly had to hand in compromising photos every month as a guarantee of their loyalty to the organization. Those closest to Raniere were reportedly put on "dangerous diets," and were subjected to sexual humiliation and degrading practices.


In one recording, Salinas defended the group and the branding. 9

As you can hear in the recording, Salinas says that if those branded had been men, it wouldn't have been a scandal.

Raniere and his accomplices are facing multiple charges. 10

Raniere and his accomplices are facing multiple charges.


Among the charges are abuse of a minor, fraud, and child pornography. About 15,000 people took the courses that NXIVM offered, paying at least $5,000 for each one.


The Frank Report is the blog that has uncovered the most serious accusations against Raniere. 11

The site's creator, Frank Parlato, was at one time a PR rep for NXIVM and has since been devoted to making public the cult that the group had become. The site is where Salinas's name was first mentioned in relation to the scandal. Now, Parlato says that a web of powerful people, among which he mentions Carlos Slim and even the Clintons, have been trying to protect the former Mexican president's son from criminal prosecution.

This case is creating a huge storm in the world of Latin entertainment. 12

This case is creating a huge storm in the world of Latin entertainment.

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Salinas is not just known as the son of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, but also as the husband of beloved telenovela star Ludwika Paleta, who has been a star since she was 10 and acted as the spoiled María Joaquina in the famous kids' telenovela Carrusel.


The couple's wedding was one of the biggest celebrity events of the last few years. 13

The couple's wedding was one of the biggest celebrity events of the last few years.

Cortesía Prensa Danna

The wedding, celebrated on April 21, 2013, was a fusion of the most powerful Mexican political leaders with the most famous in the world of Mexican entertainment.

For many years, the beautiful couple has been on red carpets and the social pages in magazines and newspapers. 14

For many years, the beautiful couple has been on red carpets and the social pages in magazines and newspapers.

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And with good reason. Both are good-looking, famous, and successful. They walk red carpets together often and pop up in publications and websites, like ours, which follow glam celebrity lives.


On April 28, 2017, they announced that they were expecting. 15

Their twins, Bárbara and Sebastián, were born on May 29, 2017. Paleta and Salinas have kept them away from cameras and the media.

Salinas' last posts on social media are from September 2018. 16

It was during that time that news about NXIVM and its dark practices started to emerge.

As of today, many people have already pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the organization. Among them Smallville actress Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman, the Seagram heiress from Canada. Bronfman was accused of conspiracy to hide and shelter undocumented immigrants for profit and identity theft.


New York City prosecutors seem to be closing the loop and linking Salinas to the dirty practices of NXIVM. 17

Moira Kim Penza, the prosecutor in charge of the case, has identified Salinas as one of the co-conspirators with Raniere. She specifically presented evidence that he participated in an extortion system through emails targeted at NXIVM's enemies.

This doesn't mean Salinas will stand trial. 18

But there's no doubt that things could get complicated for him soon.


According to The Frank Report, Salinas could be another one of Raniere's victims. 19

The former publicist stated in a column that Raniere could have "conditioned" Salinas to be in a "gay relationship" with his associate Alejandro Betancourt and in this way force him to stay in the organization. He also points out that he finds it interesting that both Salinas and Betancourt have had twins through surrogates.

Whatever happens, May 2019 will be one of the Salinas family's darkest times. 20

Netflix just premeried two productions, one a series and another a documentary, about the great Mexican crisis in 1994, when Salinas de Gortari was president. Historia de un crimen: Colosio delves into the murder of presidential candidate for the PRL Luis Donaldo Colosio. In the documentary 1994, Carlos Salinas de Gortari and his brother Raúl Salinas, who was a prisoner during the time, are interviewed. Both productions show a dark side of the family. The family's scandals seem to have no end. 

We'll keep updating you as this story keeps developing.