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For celebrities, finding love can be tricky. Not only because meeting new people might be tougher for them, but also because there is so much added pressure when it comes to maneuvering a relationship when you're in the spotlight. But plenty of couples have found the right balance with the loves of their lives and have been able to keep the flame alive throughout it all.

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One look at certain celebrity couples and you can tell they are absolutely in love with each other. Shakira and Gerard Piqué have been together for quite some time, but they still look like two teenagers who are completely obsessed with each other. Even if some of them have endured some drama in the past together, like Cardi B and Offset, their love hasn't wavered and they are still going strong and totally into each other. Love isn't all rainbows and butterflies all the time, but these couples show us it's worth it when you constantly make a choice to love your partner. 

It's even hard for some of them to hide their affection for each other when they're in public--you can tell that they are still head over heels in love and obsessed with one another. It's so amazing to see this love on display. Whether they've been together for a couple of years or a few decades, check out these celebrities who simply can't get enough of their significant other.

Cardi B and Offset have had plenty of ups and downs. 1

After a brief separation in 2018, the rappers are now closer than ever. They might have dealt with their fair share of infidelity rumors and drama, but they are both now committed to their marriage and making things work. 


No one is more in love with his wife than Kanye West. 2

Kanye has said a million times that Kim Kardashian is the girl of his dreams--and now that he's married to her, he acts like it! He has made her his muse for his music and his clothing designs and she's behind a lot of his art. The rapper goes out of his way to spoil her and show her how much he adores her, and she does the same by always having his back, no matter what.


Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann act like they're still dating. 3

Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann act like they're still dating.

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Mauricio and his wife show each other so much love every chance that they get. The lucky couple look like they're so into each other, it might make onlookers a bit uncomfortable. They don't seem to mind one bit.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are deeply in love. 4

These two worship the ground the other walks on. And with reason! It seems they have both found their better half in one another and they are beaming whenever they are together.


Chiquis Rivera looks so at peace with her man. 5

These two are always smiling from ear to ear when they post pics together. Not to mention, Lorenzo Méndez totally adores his lady and builds her up every chance her gets. 


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's love defies all rules. 6

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's love defies all rules.

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These two have been breaking every royal rule since they started dating. They're not supposed to show any public displays of affection but Harry keeps his wife close and holds her hand during their appearances. The best part is also how they look at each other in such a loving way.


Thalía has kept her man close through the years. 7

Tommy Mottola has kept Thalía so happy throughout their long marriage. The pair seem so happy and at peace together and the best part is that they still have as much fun as if they just started dating.

Kat Von D found her better half. 8

Many may not agree with the beauty mogul's lifestyle, but her husband is always in her corner and always has her back. He totally adores her and she does adores him, and it shows!


Alejandra Espinoza is totally smitten with her man. 9

Alejandra has been married to Aníbal Marrero since 2011 but these two look like they just started dating. They're often posting photos of them all over each other, and it's the cutest thing ever.

Gloria and Emilio Estefan are the definition of goals. 10

It takes work to keep the fire alive after 40 years, but Emilio and Gloria still look like they are so in love with each other after decades together. 


Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are just too cute for words. 11

Sofia and Joe are one of the best looking couples around and they know it. The pair looks at each other like no one else is around.

Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer are all about each other. 12

These lovebirds know how to keep things hot between them. They don't miss an opportunity to post sweet photos with each other, and they truly can't help but show off some major PDA every chance they get.


Ximena Duque are her husband are stuck to each other like glue. 13

One look at Ximena's Instagram and it's clear that she thinks the world of her man. She's constantly gushing about him and he gushes about her. Just look how into that kiss they both are.

Natalia and Maluma are made for each other. 14

There's no reason why a couple should be this good looking. The singer and his lady are totally obsessed with each other and it's clear to see they both know they found a winner. 


Cristiano Ronaldo is super into his lady. 15

And who can blame him? Georgina is gorgeous. The couple enjoy such a lavish life together and are often sharing their most beautiful family moments with their fans on Instagram.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué look like teenagers in love. 16

Piqué can't help but gush at how happy and full of life his longtime partner is. And it's true! Whenever Shak is around him and their kids, she absolutely glows!


Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are the epitome of love. 17

It's unbelievable how perfect these two are for each other! No matter where they are, whether it's a red carpet or hanging out together at home, it's always clear to see that these two continue to be crazy about each other.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have become everyone's favorite couple. 18

Nick and his wife have quickly become one of Hollywood's most talked about and loved couples. Their whirlwind romance might've taken everyone by surprise, but seeing them meld their lives together in the past few years is proof that when you know, you just know. 


Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are laid-back, but crazy about each other. 19

Joe couldn't wait to marry his lady, so they did a quickie Las Vegas wedding. The young couple is basically tied at the hip and the love between them seems calm but so sturdy. It's so cute!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are couple goals. 20

These two have been together for over a decade, but they never fail to vocalize just how much they cherish each other. She has been by his side throughout his music career, and he supports her just as much as a mother, a career woman, and as a person in general. It's really beautiful to see.