Maluma with a beard

Beards are like makeup for men. If a man grows out a great beard, it can automatically transform him and make him look 10 times better than before. There are so many good-looking men that look even more handsome with facial hair, and it kicks their sexiness levels up a notch. 

Whether it's a little bit of scruff or a full beard, a dark beard or one with a few gray hairs, there's something about it that makes men look so much more attractive and appealing. Truth is, there's nothing wrong with a guy who has a cute baby face, but there's something a man with a beard that makes him look so manly and tough. 

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Some of our favorite Latino stars absolutely love rocking their full beards and showing them off with their selfies on social media. For others, wearing just a bit of a five o'clock shadow can make them look totally irresistible. It's crazy to see how for some, just growing out their beards can completely change their looks. 

Stars like Maluma, Ricky Martin, and Enrique Iglesias look totally different when they are rocking their full beards, but we're not mad at it at all, because they look good. Scroll through to see more pics of Latinos who look so much sexier while rocking their beautiful beards. 

Maluma is so dreamy, he can really do no wrong as far as his looks go. 1

When he lets his beard grow out a bit, he has an air of mystery and maturity that he doesn't have when he's clean-shaven. He goes from pretty boy to hot man. 


Gerard Piqué totally transforms with a beard. 2

Let's just say Shakira is one lucky woman. She has the best of both worlds because her beau is just as good looking with or without a beard. But we definitely like him more with facial hair.


Ricky Martin's beard grows in so dark! 3

There's no doubt that he's one of the most good-looking men on the planet, but seeing Ricky with a beard is something else! He looks so handsome.

Enrique Iglesias has pretty much looked the same for the past 20 years. 4

The only way he changes his appearance is whether he's rocking facial hair or not. And let's just say that his brown beard makes him look so grown and sexy.


Prince Royce has a total baby face when he's clean-shaven. 5

But add a little facial hair and he turns into a total sex symbol.


Romeo Santos has women all over the world crazy about him. 6

And with good reason! The Bachatero does have a bit of a baby face so when he lets his beard grow out a bit, he looks amazing.


Aarón Díaz is an absolute dreamboat. 7

It's hard to imagine that anything he does could make him even better looking, but add a five o'clock shadow, and he is to die for.

Luis Fonsi was feeling his look in this selfie. 8

It looks like the singer is a fan of his own beard because he posed for a sultry selfie to show off his perfectly lined facial hair and his muscles. Confidence is everything!


Julián Gil is good looking with or without facial hair. 9

But there's no denying that having a little beard adds another level of sexiness to his look. 

Carlos Ponce looks like a whole new man with facial hair. 10

Carlos Ponce looks like a whole new man with facial hair.

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The actor has one of the most beautiful faces ever, right? But there's something special about him when he lets his beard grow in. He looks like a total silver fox.


J Balvin has some of the best skin in the game. 11

The "Mi Gente" singer takes his skin care routine seriously and it shows. When he lets his beard grow in, it adds a perfect accent to his face that draws attention at how amazing his glow is.

Say what you want about Marc Anthony, but he looks GREAT with a beard. 12

It might not be a full beard, but Marc looks so sophisticated with a bit of facial hair, right?


Nicky Jam's beard adds the perfect level of masculinity to his look. 13

He has such a strong jawline that the beard simply makes him look even manlier than he already is.

Eugenio Derbez rocks the salt-and-pepper beard so well. 14

He might be known for being the funny guy, but he looks pretty darn good with a beard! It's hard to believe this man is already a grandfather. 


Eduardo Capetillo is timeless. 15

When he was a leading telenovela man, his clean-shaven, baby face look is what people fell in love with. Now that time has passed, seeing him with a little scruff makes even more handsome than he did back in the day!

Toni Costa definitely looks so much sexier with a beard. 16

Toni looks so much younger without facial hair. The beard makes him look older and more mature, and that definitely works for him and hopefully for his lady, Adamari López.


David Bisbal is known for his full head of curls. 17

The singer might have made a name for himself by singing his heart out when he was a young curly haired man, but now that he's a husband and a dad, he's got to look the part. He rocked a bit of a beard in a recent selfie and he looks like a whole new man. 

Chayanne is one gorgeous man. 18

He's been handsome his entire life and while he rarely lets his facial hair grow, when he does, it looks even more amazing.


David Zepeda loves to switch up his look. 19

While he's mostly clean-shaven for his TV roles, the actor lets his facial hair grow out on occasion and shares pics of it on social media. He looks dreamy either way.

It's hard to believe that Alejandro Sanz is over 50. 20

His face hasn't changed one bit since he first started his career! Alejandro has such a baby face that even when he has a salt-and-pepper beard growing in, he still looks super young.