Jacqie looks just like Jenni Rivera during concert & it's almost eerie

Jacqie Rivera

Last week, Jenni Rivera's second daughter, Jacqie, joined her uncle Lupillo Rivera on stage during his concert at Morongo Resort and Casino in California. She left quite the impression on everyone in attendance--and not just because of her singing. Jacqie looked so much like her mother during the performance, the resemblance was almost eerie, like seeing a ghost.

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Sadly, not everyone reacted kindly to Jacqie highlighting her resemblance to her mother, because it wouldn't be the internet without haters. But come on, haters! How can you hate on a daughter for looking like her mother? Especially when her mother is no longer alive. Give the woman a break, and let her channel her mother if she wants to.

It's not like it's unnatural for Jacqie to look like Jenni; she is her daughter, after all. But the way Jacqie was styled was clearly meant to remind us all of her mother. It was a sort of tribute to the late Diva of Banda, as you will see.

The face, the hair, the dress!

Take a look at Jacqie; she looks beautiful and so much like her mother! Her makeup and hair are reminiscent of how Jenni wore her makeup and hair. Oh, and even though you can't tell as much in this picture, the dress that Jacqie is wearing is like a modernized version of one her mother wore once upon a time.


Here's Jenni in the "original" dress.

You see it, right? It's black with yellow roses and yellow tulle. The style is definitely different, but this has to be the inspiration for Jacqie's dress.

Like mother, like daughter

Here's a side-by-side photo of mother and daughter just to drive the point home. Jenni's dress has more of a mariachi vibe going on than Jacqie's take on the look, but they look like twinsies nonetheless.


Look at the expression on Lupillo's face.

This picture of Lupillo looking at his niece looks like a mixture of pride, awe, and something else. Makes you wonder if he's getting flashbacks of seeing his sister perform. How could he not?

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