Kim Kardashian shares stunning 'Vogue' cover & gives a tour of her home

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Her dream came true! Kim Kardashian is on the cover of the May 2019 issue of Vogue magazine. The beauty mogul was elated to share the news on Wednesday, April 10, as it is the first time she appears on the cover by herself. She made her Vogue debut along with her husband, Kanye West, in 2014, but being featured on the cover solo is a whole new accomplishment.

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Kim shared the cover on Instagram along with some stunning shots of her photo shoot and a sweet note about the experience. She thanked the publication's Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour for her support throughout the years, as some didn't think Kim would ever land the cover of the high-fashion mag. "I've dreamed of this moment for so long, many said it would never come," she captioned the post. "Words cannot begin to express how much of an honor it is to have my first solo US cover of @VogueMagazine."

Kim's cover was simple and yet so breathtaking.

Kim looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover. Her makeup and entire look is a lot more natural and toned-down than we're used to seeing from her, and her hair is even completely drenched. "I remember as a little girl flipping through my mom’s subscription each month and dreaming of one day gracing the cover of this iconic magazine," the KKW Beauty founder said in the caption. "Thank you to the incredible Anna Wintour for your support as always, it means the world to me."


She also posed for a photo with all three of her adorable kids.

In the interview, Kim spoke about her businesses, her growing family and also revealed that she's pursuing a law degree and plans to take the bar exam in 2022. "I’m so incredibly grateful to writer @Jonathanvanmeter for illustrating a glimpse into my life in a way that I don’t think has ever been done--from juggling family, my businesses and pursuing a law degree with such care and seriousness," she wrote in the post. "Special thank you to my husband Kanye for speaking into existence that one day I would grace the cover of Vogue when everyone told me to be 'more realistic.'"


The photo shoot also showed glimpse of how gorgeous the couple's mansion is.

This particular shot showed the massive shower inside the couple's master bathroom. It is unreal how insanely big their house is and how minimalistic the design and decor is, but it set the perfect backdrop to Kim's laid-back and effortless looks featured in the photos.

Kim shared some details about their fourth child, who is due this year.

Kim also did Vogue's popular 73 Questions video segment and answered some questions about her life and her family. Her husband and kids--North, Saint, and Chicago--appear in one part of the video and it's so beautiful to see the West family just relaxing in their own home. Kim revealed that she's not quite ready for baby No. 4, even though he's due in May, as his room is not ready yet and they don't have a name picked out just yet. She also revealed that Anna Wintour had some influence in naming their firstborn, North, after Kim decided on the name when the editor gave her stamp of approval. So maybe Anna can help them out with their second little boy's name.


The magazine gave us an inside look into the sweet family.

They might be the world's most talked about couple, but once you see them interract in their own environment they almost look like just a regular family. The only difference is that they live in a gigantic mansion in Hidden Hills, California, that the public rarely gets to see since they've agreed to not share photos of it online. Kim described the home as a "minimal monastery," and during the interview she gave the publication a tour and it was astounding. 

Kim made her "Vogue" cover debut in April 2014.

Ahead of her wedding to Kanye in May 2014, Kim appeared on the cover on the prestigious fashion magazine, making the beauty mogul's dream a reality. "This is such a dream come true!!!" she captioned the shot at the time. "Thank you @VogueMagazine for this cover! O M GGGGGG!!! I can't even breathe!" 

The cover sparked major controversy in the fashion world, after much speculation of whether Anna Wintour would ever feature the reality star in the magazine. Some believed Kanye's presence was a way to appease people and make it a "KimYe" cover and not just a Kim cover. Their little baby North also appeared in the gorgeous photos, and it's crazy to believe how much she and their family has grown since. We can't wait to see her next shoot, including baby No. 4. 

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