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Aislinn Derbez/Instagram

Instagram has become the go-to place for couples to show off their PDA. Celebrities are known to show off how in love they are with their partners on social media and sometimes the pics they post are steamy enough to make their followers blush a little. Whether they're posing with little to no clothes in bed like Karol G and Anuel AA, or cuddling up together at the beach like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, these stars aren't afraid to put all their good loving on display. 

And we don't blame them! Love is meant to be celebrated and there's nothing wrong with them sharing an intimate moment showing them and their significant others with their fans. 

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But some stars have been criticized for sharing moments that are considered to be a little too intimate for the public to see, but they had no shame in their game! It's hard to keep your hands off of the person you're really into and having someone capture those moments is special. 

Aislinn Derbez recently shared a photo of her husband, Mauricio Ochmann, and it's so intense, it definitely made us blush a little. Other famous couples have posted their kissing pics, their "baecation" moments and others have even shared snaps of them in bed together. Scroll through to see some of the steamiest pics celebrities have shared of them with their significant others. 

Kylie Jenner enjoyed a "baecation" with her man. 1

Kylie ignored the breakup rumors and flew to Mexico for a couple's baecation with Travis Scott. The pair enjoyed some time in the sun and shared some sexy pics of their time together.


Alejandra Espinoza and her husband were trying to share a romantic moment. 2

The couple shared a sweet smooch in the pool but their young son was like a little spy in the background.


Chiquis Rivera's man is obsessed with her and it shows. 3

Lorenzo Méndez is always showering his lady with love and it shows how into her he is in this pic.

Becky G and Sebastian Lletget had a steamy beach photoshoot. 4

Their bodies are incredible! The best part, though, is how intensely they're both looking at each other. So cute!


Karol G raised so many eyebrows when she posted this pic. 5

She was topless in just underwear while in bed with her boyfriend, Anuel AA. The pair got some criticism for sharing such a private moment but they seemed unfazed. 


Angelique Boyer got the type of kiss that makes your leg pop. 6

These two are meant for each other! Sebastian Rulli held on tight to his lady while giving her a massive kiss on the lips. She also had her hand wrapped around his big, muscular shoulder. 


Offset carried Cardi B on his back. 7

Piggyback rides don't seem all that sexy, but it definitely takes it to a whole new level when done on vacation while wearing a tiny bikini.

Kim Kardashian straddled her husband in an Instagram pic. 8

The couple were smiling from ear to ear in this photo of them getting cozy together. Kanye West seemed to be enjoying the view quite a lot. 


Kourtney Kardashian put it all on display with her then-boo. 9

A usually private Kourtney made jaws drop when she shared this provocative mirror pic of her and then-boyfriend Younes Bendjima. The couple might be broken up but this image will live on forever. 

Alex Rodriguez gave Jennifer Lopez a little love bite. 10

These two usually look so wholesome in their couple pictures, but Alex showed just how wild things can get between them by giving his lady a little bite on her shoulder.


Aislinn Derbez and her husband got really intense. 11

This photo is so breathtaking but it almost feels inappropriate for the world to see. The passion between them is so clear and it is for sure a beautiful shot.

Chyno Miranda and his wife had a topless maternity shoot. 12

It might've been for their maternity photoshoot, but Chyno Miranda and his wife, Natasha, really turned up the heat. He even captioned the pic: "There is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman."


Luis Fonsi and his wife shared a passionate vacation kiss. 13

Águeda López shared this gorgeous vacation photo of herself and her husband and they both look so into that smooch.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his girl got cozy on a yacht. 14

The pair shared a smooch while on a boat in Dubai, but her hand is sitting quite comfortably on his upper thigh.


Justin Bieber likes to keep his wife close. 15

The singer and his wife, Hailey Bieber, cuddled up after taking a swim. He has his thigh wrapped around her. What a sweet moment.

Jessica Biel couldn't resist copping a feel of her husband's booty. 16

The actress grabbed her man Justin Timberlake's backside while they were walking together in public, and he seemed just as shocked. Sometimes it's hard to keep your hands off of each other when you're in love.


Mariah Carey had one romantic date night with her boo. 17

Mariah and her beau, Bryan Tanaka, celebrated Valentine's Day 2018 the right way. She was dressed in a sexy red dress, roses, and resting on a hot shirtless man's lap. Mimi is living the dream. 

Maluma had his gorgeous girlfriend sitting on his lap. 18

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and planted a big, romantic kiss on her. These two look like they are so in love.


Elizabeth Gutiérrez shared a super cute moment with her beau. 19

She shared this post of her sleeping on top of her man, William Levy, and they both look so gorgeous.

Fabián Ríos is so intense with his love. 20

The actor posed for a beach pic with his wife, Yuly Ferreira, and he had his hands all over her.