Jennifer Lopez sizzles in a tiny pink bikini on the set of her new movie

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Jennifer Lopez posted a sizzling photo of herself rocking a pink bikini that leaves close to nada to the imagination on her Instagram account and captioned it "I'm a hustler baby... I just want you to know... #Ramona on fire 🔥 On set and in character for #hustlersmovie#stxentertainment."

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Ramona is the character she plays in Hustlers, the movie directed by Lorene Scafaria that she is currently filming. In the film, Ramona is the head of a group of ex-strippers who are plotting revenge on their rich clients.

Hold on to your eyeballs because they are about to pop out!

Those abs, you guys, look at those abs! Abs like that at any age are amazing, but it is worth noting that in July Jennifer will be 50. She's about to be 50 and LOOK AT THOSE ABS!


And here she is in the same bikini paired with a fur coat.

Makeup artist Scott Barnes posted this sneak peak of J.Lo as Ramona on Saturday, the day before Jen's own post. Not sure why she needs a coat when she is so obviously HOT, but whatevs.


Unsurprisingly, Alex Rodriguez is on board with all this hotness.

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I. Mean. #CommentsByCelebs

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Jen's fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, left a comment on his lady love's post that very emoji-nally expresses his approval. Apparently, he was left speechless or simply could not find the words to sum up everything he was feeling, so he let the emojis speak for him.

FYI, Lenny Kravitz approves as well.

Although A.Rod had no words, Lenny Kravitz left a comment that reads "Boom! There it is." And we're all, "Yup, what he said!" Because DAYUM Jennifer, you look good. Not for nothing, but Lenny Kravitz is 54 years old and looking DAYUUM good himself. We see you, Lenny and we say: "Boom! There it is" to you.


Here's another shot of Jennifer as Ramona.

OK, OK, Jennifer, you've got us all interested in the film. So far, no news on when it will be released, but we'll keep an eye out for you.

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