Cardi B reacts to backlash for saying she "drugged" & "robbed" men in an old video

cardi b robbed men
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Cardi B is in hot water over her past. The rapper took to Instagram on Wednesday, March 27, to explain the things she said in an Instagram Live video from two years ago. After enduring almost a full week of backlash for allegedly saying that she used to "drug and rob" men during her days as a stripper, the "Please Me" rapper shared her motives behind the things she had to do to survive in the past. 

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Since the video resurfaced, fans have been flooding Twitter and Instagram with their opinions about Cardi, with some demanding that she be dropped from her label and from her deals for taking advantage of men. Some have also taken her side, claiming that that's what people who grow up in her environment sometimes have to do when they have no other option to make it.

This old Instagram video of Cardi B resurfaced online over the weekend.

In the clip, the rapper talks about making it on her own. She said that "nothing was handed to her" and that no one helped her start her career. She said she paid more than $50,000 for studio time, and she sometimes brought men to a hotel room under the guise that she would sleep with them, and she said she would "drug them up" and "rob them." Some believe that Cardi said "drop" and not "drug."


There were stories circulating online of men coming forward to share their encounters with Cardi.

One man on Facebook shared a story of a time when he allegedly met Cardi at a strip club and took her back to his hotel room. He says he woke up with little recollection of what had happened the night before, and his money, designer belt, and iPod Touch were missing. The Facebook user later said he made up the story as a joke.


Fans took to Twitter to discuss the video and started the hashtag #SurvivngCardiB.

Fans created their own take on the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly and used it to share their opinions regarding Cardi's video. Some even demanded that she be put in jail for her past actions. A lot of people were claiming that is a double standard, because if a male artist confessed to "drugging" and "robbing" women, his career would be over.

Of course, some made a mockery about the serious situation.

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The memes started pouring in, with people even comparing Cardi to Bill Cosby, who was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman and is suspected of doing the same to many more. Some people were laughing at the situation. Others were demanding her to be "canceled." Some fans were still on her side.


Cardi seemed unfazed by the situation when the video first resurfaced.

The two-year-old clip resurfaced over the weekend, and Cardi took to Twitter on Sunday, March 24, to send a clear message that even if people wanted her career to end, she was still going to stick around.

Cardi B addressed the video and the backlash in a lengthy Instagram post.

In a now-deleted post, Cardi went on to say she never glorified doing those things, and she can own up to it now that she has been able to rise from it. She said she never discussed those things in her music because she was "not proud of it" and felt it was her duty not to glorify it.

"I talked about things I had to do in my past, right or wrong, that I felt I  needed to do to make a living," she wrote. "I made the choices that I did at the time because I had very limited options." She also added that the men she was talking about were people she dated and were "conscious," "willing," and "aware." 

She captioned it: "All I can do now is be a better me for myself my family and my future."


Cardi's husband, Offset, expressed his support for his lady.

The rapper shared a photo of him carrying his wife on his back amid the scandal and sent some encouraging words to her.


Other controversial clips have surfaced of the rapper since.

Cardi has been known to speak openly and honestly on social media, which is how she gained such a large following on Instagram before she even released music. The rapper has never held back from sharing details of her personal life, but these old clips are now being shared by fans to question her character. But the hit maker is sticking to her guns, and like she said on Twitter, she has "never claimed to be [an] angel."