Mayeli Alonso totally disses Lupillo Rivera's matching tattoos with his new girl

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Seeing your ex-husband gleefully move on to someone else is never easy. That's the case for Mayeli Alonso, whose ex-husband, Lupillo Rivera, is already making things super permanent with his new girlfriend less than a year after their split

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The singer and his new girl, Shirley Arroyo, got matching tattoos over the weekend, and his ex-wife didn't seem too pleased when she was asked about it. In fact, she even tried to downplay the situation and said that her ex loves getting tattoos so much, it's almost insignificant. Yikes.

Mayeli Alonso didn't hold back and threw some jabs at her ex regarding the couple's tattoos.

A reporter for El Gordo y La Flaca caught up with the businesswoman and asked her about the new couple's matching ink.

"He loves getting tattoos so eventually he'll end up with his arm full of all the women he's with," Mayeli said with a laugh after seeing a photo of them. "A tattoo is something that you get out of love. So in regards to that, I have to respect it because he's in love. And she's in love. I'm not that type of person who walks around with tattoos or who gets someone's name tattooed on me to show my love for them. I'm not like that. To me, a tattoo means absolutely nothing."


Mayeli's boyfriend even chimed in and gave his opinion on couples tattoos.

Jesus Mendoza gave his two cents on the situation and had his girl's back during the interview. "In my family, and my friends who have gotten names, they say it's a jinx," he said regarding the tattoos. "In fact, they say that if you get your significant other's name on you, it doesn't work out in the end." 


Lupillo and Shirley headed to Las Vegas and got tatted up together.

Shirley shared some photos of the tattoos they got, and they're actually really cute! The pair got their names "Shirley" and "Lupe" intertwined in an infinity symbol, implying that their love is forever and endless. Pretty sweet, right? Shirley got hers on her right shoulder, while he got his on his right bicep. 

Shirley anticipated the negative reactions their new ink would get.

When she shared the Instagram post on Friday, March 15, she captioned it: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... except when you get matching tattoos! #fbf Let the hating begin! ♥️ love you babe ♾."


Lupillo and Shirley made their first appearance as a couple in July 2018.

The couple attended a movie premiere at the time but said they were just friends. That same month, his divorce with Mayeli was finalized, after the former couple had separated earlier that year. 

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