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When a couple is truly and deeply in love, it's incredibly noticeable. One look at Sofía Vergara and her husband, Joe Manganiello, and you can tell they're still crazy about each other. There are sparks floating all around them when they walk a red carpet together or when they lovingly look at each other in an intimate selfie. The couple shares many of their sweetest moments with their followers on social media, and their photos are honestly so adorable.

The chemistry has always been explosive between them. The pair reportedly began dating in July 2014, and just six months later they got engaged on Christmas Day. A few years have passed since they tied the knot in Florida in November 2015, and they still seem to be just as head over heels with one another.

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The lovebirds love getting dressed up and attending Hollywood events together as each other's plus ones, but they also enjoy a fun day at the beach or their many family gatherings. They seem to truly enjoy each other's company, and the love they have radiates through all the photos they share of each other. 

It's easy to see why the extremely good-looking pair were drawn to each other. The Colombian beauty and her hunky movie-star husband are such a good match, and their couple photos give you faith that love is real. Scroll through to see the cutest Instagram pics of Sofía and Joe.

The couple celebrated four years together. 1

They celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in November 2019. Sofía shared this adorable photo of them together and sweetly captioned it: "Happy Aniversary mi amor!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖."


Joe shared the cutest photo from their wedding day. 2

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¡Feliz Cuarto Aniversario mi amor!

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Joe sent her a cute message in her native language to show some real commitment to celebrate their fourth anniversary. He captioned the wedding pic: "¡Feliz Cuarto Aniversario mi amor!"

The way they look at each other is just so cute. 3

No matter where they are, they love stealing sweet glances at each other that make it seem as if they just started dating. So cute!

There's definitely so much love and fire between them. 4

Sofía looks so stunning in this pic the couple took celebrating her 47th birthday in July 2019. She is definitely still super into her man. 


Find someone who makes you laugh like this. 5

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Vacation mood😂❤️❤️🌴#SamsonSpecial

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Sofía seems to be all smiles whenever her hubby is around. The couple look so good together, and they look their happiest when they are on vacation.


The way Joe looks at Sofía is just so adorable. 6

We love seeing how happy they are. These two make each other beam with happiness. 


They are so smitten with each other. 7

His smile says it all. The actress shared this pic on their anniversary in 2018 and captioned it: "Happy aniversary love of my life!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️."

These two look like a couple of teenagers. 8

They can't even take their eyes off each other. And just look at those loving smiles! They are so cute.


A couple who laughs together stays together. 9

There can't be love without laughter. These two seem to share the same sense of humor and are always making the most out of life and their time together.

We can't take the sweetness of this pic. 10

Joe shared this heart-melting pic of him hugging his wife for her birthday in July 2018. He captioned it: "¡Feliz Cumpleaños al amor de mi vida!"


Sofía looks like such a proud wife in this pic. 11

The actor received an award at the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival, and Sofia was by his side cheering him on.

Joe celebrated their three-year anniversary with a precious wedding pic. 12

His message was just as lovely as the pic. He wrote: "Thankful that three years ago today I made the best decision of my life..."


They sure make a beautiful couple together. 13

They are both in such incredible shape, they're beautiful to look at, and they are such a perfect match.

The couple knows how to dress down, too. 14

Sofía and Joe looked so chill and laid back when they had a little BBQ for Fourth of July 2018. After all, that's what being an American is all about. 


There's so much love between these two! 15

We love this pic of them. They make each other smile from ear to ear, and that's so beautiful to see! 

They have a good time together no matter where they are. 16

Whether they're at a movie premiere together or just relaxing at home, these two are all smiles when they're with each other.


These two can be so goofy around each other, and it's the best. 17

Sofía has a large personality, so her husband has to be able to match her energy at all times--and he does!

She is literally glowing in this pic with her hubby. 18

The pair posed for a pic on Thanksgiving 2017, and they for sure have a lot to be grateful for.


A man who can make you laugh is worth gold. 19

If a man can make you laugh like this at any moment, make sure you keep him close like Sofía does with Joe.

They love wearing funky patterns together. 20

This is for sure couple goals. They look so carefree and happy while enjoying the summer. 


They do love their wild patterns. 21

The fun couple celebrated Joe's birthday in 2018 along with their family and friends.

They still go on fun dates together. 22

Spending a Sunday at a farm with some adorable animals is definitely a way to make some cute and sweet memories with your spouse. The pair are always so close to each other, and we love how she has her arm wrapped around him.


Sofía and her man look like they were made for each other. 23

They're not exactly matching, but the outfits do look like they belong together--just like Sofía Vergara and her man. 

They're not above taking couple mirror selfies. 24

Is the relationship even real if you and your hubby haven't snapped some mirror selfies before?


Sofía snapped a pre-Valentine's Day date night selfie in the mirror. 25

She looked so beautiful, and her husband couldn't help but admire her from a distance.