Jose Canseco's ex Jessica breaks silence on Alex Rodriguez cheating accusations

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She's not having it! Jessica Canseco is speaking out against her ex-husband's accusations of her of being romantically involved with Alex Rodriguez during his relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

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The reality star took to Twitter on Tuesday, March 12, to shut down her famous ex's claims that A-Rod is cheating on J.Lo, assuring everyone that she is "just friends" with the former Yankee. Jose took aim at Alex in a series of tweets earlier this week, accusing Alex of being involved with Jose's ex. He even urged Jennifer to call him. What a mess…

Jessica shut down her ex's claims that she was involved with Alex.

She said that she has known Alex for years and that she is also friendly with his current fiancée, J.Lo. Jessica ended the tweet by poking fun at her former baseball star ex, who has an interest in aliens and is known to tweet about them. 


She also said that she hasn't seen Alex in years.

Jessica said that the last time she saw Alex was when he was still in a relationship with Torrie Wilson, whom he broke up with in 2015 after dating for three years. The Hollywood Exes star also said she had to download the Twitter application so she could make her statement. Prior to these tweets, she had shared a video in February, and before then, the last time she tweeted was November 2018. 


Jessica also shared tweets from other people regarding the situation.

She also shared another tweet that was aimed directly at her ex, which said: "@JoseCanseco What a Disgrace of Human being." Jose and Jessica have been apart for a while. The former couple divorced in 1999 after three years together. They share a daughter together.

This all started after Jose took to Twitter to say Jen was getting cheated on.

The former baseball star took to Twitter on Sunday, March 10, to share his claim that Alex was cheating on the World of Dance judge. "I was there a few months back with her when he called her on her phone," he added. "Alex Rodriguez stop being a piece of shit stop cheating on Jennifer Lopez." The pair announced their engagement on Saturday, March 9.


The couple seemed unfazed by the claims and continued celebrating their engagement.

They haven't addressed Jose's statements just yet, but they don't seem at all bothered by it. Alex and J.Lo are still celebrating their engagement, and they also shared some beautiful shots from the proposal on Instagram on Tuesday, March 12. They look so happy, and we're glad they're not letting this drag them down! 

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