New meme of Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, & Marc Anthony is too much

Alex Rodriguez proposing to Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez/Instagram


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced their engagement via social media on March 9, and social media was quick to respond. They got lots of well-wishes and congratulations. Tons of attention has been given to the engagement ring, and to top it all off, an old picture of J.Lo, A-Rod, and Marc Anthony has been turned into a meme.

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The old photo was taken in 2005 during a baseball game in Shea Stadium, when Jennifer and Marc were still very much married. FYI, this is when Jennifer and Alex first met. In the picture, you see what looks like a very somber-looking Marc wearing a Mets jersey, A-Rod suited up in his New York Yankees uniform, and J.Lo looking all casual and rockin' a Yankees baseball cap. But wait for the caption on the meme!

Oh no she didn't!

The picture got turned into a meme that reads, "You and the guy she told you not to worry about." Jen and Alex have made it clear that nothing romantic was going on between them until they bumped into each other again years later, in February 2017, at a restaurant in Beverly Hills. By that time, Jennifer and Marc were splitsville.

Even though nothing was going on between Jen and Alex when this photo was taken, it does seem rather prophetic that she and Alex are all about the Yankees, and Marc is all Mets.


The internet went nuts for the meme.

The responses to the meme created by Twitter user @goldengateblond got all kinds of hilarious responses. From spit-takes to this Biz Markie "Just a Friend" reaction.


Then more memes started rolling in.

And you know that the internet can't leave it at just one iteration of a meme, so of course there have been more to follow, like this one that says, "Your replacement is always closer than you think." Ouch!

This one helps explain the look on Marc Anthony's face.

It is kind of strange that Jen and Alex look so happy, while Marc's lookin' sad in the eyes. Maybe he could see the future unfolding before his very eyes. Or maybe not, and it's just a funny meme.


Oh, and there are other memes about the engagement.

This particular meme pokes fun at the fact that J.Lo's been engaged more than once. Five times, to be exact. 

We're sure the memes will keep rolling in because the internet has no chill. They are kind of funny, and hopefully the newly engaged couple will just laugh them off and go about their business of being happy.

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