Fans believe Kris Jenner is behind the Tristan Thompson & Jordyn Woods fiasco for ratings

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If there's anyone in the world who can create a giant media storm, it's Kris Jenner. Fans are speculating that the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is behind the latest over-the-top controversy that has hit the family. They say she did it to get more publicity. It was reported by several outlets on Tuesday, February 19, that Khloé Kardashian and boyfriend Tristan Thompson have called it quits after he was caught cheating on her for the second time.

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This time around, it was at a party in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 17, where he was reportedly spotted getting cozy with none other than Kylie Jenner's longtime best friend, Jordyn Woods. The two young women have been inseparable since they were 13, and Jordyn has also become a part of the famous family. Some fans are speculating that the news is so insane and bizarre that it must have been created by Kris to help boost ratings for their show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Khloé and Tristan's relationship has been rocky for quite a while.

Just 10 months after Khloé took him back following his first cheating scandal in April 2018, the couple called it quits for good following the report of his affair with Jordyn. TMZ and other outlets reported that the NBA star had been spotted getting cozy with the aspiring model at an after party at his house on February 17. Jordyn has been best friends with Kylie Jenner for years and lives in her Hidden Hills mansion. She has also been a part of the family's lives, and even attended Khloé's baby shower and Tristan's birthday party in March 2018.


Kris and the Kardashian sisters were heavily involved after the first cheating scandal.

The family weighed in on various occasions and expressed their disapproval of Tristan, even after Khloé decided to try to make their relationship work. Khloé gave birth in April 2018, just days after videos of Tristan kissing other women during their relationship were published. She was living in Cleveland at the time and her whole family flew out there to be by her side.


Earlier in February, E! released the trailer for season 16 of 'KUWTK.'

The trailer showed glimpses of what's in store for the new season of the reality show and it promised to "keep up with Kim & Kanye's struggles, Khloe's love life, Kourtney & Scott's chemistry and everything Kris." The new season 16 is set to premiere on Sunday, March 31. Some people believe the Tristan news surfaced just a month before to boost ratings. I mean, after 16 seasons of their family drama, it might just be necessary to spice things up a bit so viewers tune in to watch it all unfold.

The first cheating scandal became a main plot line of season 15.

Tristan's affairs became a focal point of season 15 and family members were filmed discussing their thoughts and feelings on the situation. Kim Kardashian was totally against Tristan, and made her disappointment in him public. She unfollowed him at the time, but they called a truce, just for her to unfollow him again after the Jordyn situation. While it might seem serious, some fans can't help but wonder if the whole story wasn't created to bring more publicity to the family.


The memes started flooding in, with people questioning the story.

A blogger for Hollywood Unlocked allegedly attended the party where Tristan and Jordyn were apparently all over each other while smoking hookah. The outlet reported that guests had their phones confiscated, but that Jordyn stayed there with Tristan until 7 a.m.

People quickly took to Twitter to say that the scandal was just a new storyline for the show.

While the family hasn't released any sort of official statement and neither have Khloé and Tristan, the reality star took to Instagram on Thursday, February 21, to share posts about betrayal and being "broken." She also commented on an Instagram post by the Hollywood Unlocked gossip site that addressed the Jordyn situation, seemingly confirming the report.


Others believe Kris leaked the news to ruin Tristan's image.

We're pretty sure Tristan's image was already ruined after he previously cheated on a pregnant Khloé with multiple women. I mean, seriously, how much douchier can a guy get?

There's no denying that some of the memes were downright hilarious.

We can't get over this video! Could it be possible that Kris plotted this to get more ratings, to get rid of Tristan, or to get Jordyn more exposure? It all seems too unreal. 


Some believe Kris had Jordyn take one for the team.

Maybe some friendships are worth sacrificing to live up to the $150 million deal the family received from E! to renew their contract. 

After the news started trending, fans said Kris was probably happy she got her way.

Many people took to social media to try to find as much information about the situation as possible. Tristan was quick to deny the report, tweeting and quickly deleting "FAKE NEWS," and the Kardashians' friends also took to social media to call Jordyn "disloyal" and all types of names. No matter what the motive was for leaking the story, the outcome was that it became some of the biggest news of the week.


While we get the jokes, we doubt Kris would purposely inflict this type of pain on her kids.

After all, Kylie seemed to adore Jordyn and often spent more time with her than her own sisters. We also don't think Kris would want to publicly humiliate Khloé again just for ratings. Regardless of what is really going on behind the Kardashians' closed doors, it is clear their lives are seriously filled with drama and some insane moments that not even the best TV writers could come up with.