Here's what Kanye West does when he doesn't like Kim Kardashian's makeup

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Kanye West is not easy to please, not even when it comes to his always flawless wife, Kim Kardashian. The rapper has repeatedly stated that he thinks Kim is the most beautiful woman on the planet, but apparently, he does have a lot to say whenever he doesn't like something about her appearance. 

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Not only that, but Kanye takes drastic measures when he doesn't like her glam look. Kim made an appearance at her longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic's The Master Class this past weekend. There, they talked about their working relationship as well as Kanye's involvement in everything that has to do with Kim's look--including her makeup. And it turns out, the Grammy winner isn't always a fan of how the queen of contouring chooses to glam herself up!

Her husband gets "really opinionated sometimes" when it comes to her looks.

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Smiling on the inside

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Kanye lets his voice be heard even when it comes to his makeup mogul wife's choice in beauty looks. He has no problem letting her know when her makeup doesn't look up to his standard. "He will come in and be like, 'You know your blush is a little heavy.' Or say, 'What are you doing? That’s not the shape of your lip,'" Kim said at the event, according to People


Kanye even takes matters into his own hands when it comes to his wife's image.

Kim revealed at the event that there have been times that Kanye has reached out to her makeup artist to help his wife with her makeup without consulting her first. “He will call Mario without telling me! And Mario shows up without me knowing and he is like, ‘Oh Kanye called me and said it was a makeup emergency,'” she said.


Kim and Mario have been working together for more than 10 years, and Kanye deeply trusts him.

So much so that the makeup artist even revealed that the Yeezy designer reached out to him to try to convince him to move back to California from New York City, where he currently lives. “[Kanye] actually called me and said, ‘Alright how much will it cost for you to move back to L.A.? I want you here for her,'” Mario told the crowd. 

The KKW Beauty founder usually looks to her husband for advice.

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Almost your birthday

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Since the start of their relationship, Kanye has been a huge influence on Kim's style and her image. He often chooses her outfits and styles her for big events, and she's his go-to model when it comes to his Yeezy designs.


When they first started dating, Kanye cleared out Kim's closet.

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The musician hired a stylist who did an overhaul of Kim's entire closet for an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Since then, Kim has continued evolving into one of the most fashion-forward celebrities out there. Most of what she wears inspires knockoff brands to create similar looks. The Kardashian-West impact is crazy.

Kim has certainly been inspired by Kanye in all that she does since they began dating.

But how much of his opinion is too much? We hope that she finds a way to still do things her way and that she has the final say in what she wears in terms of her hair, clothes, and makeup. Check out the throwback clip from 2012 of Kanye going through Kim's closet. 

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