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Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Flying private seems to be the new standard of success among celebrities. And based on the many airplane posts they share on social media, it's clear they no longer fly coach. Stars fly more than the average person because their jobs require them to make appearances all over the country and sometimes overseas. Based on their hectic schedules, it makes sense that they wouldn't want to be tied down to an airline's set schedule to make their trips. Avoiding prying eyes on commercial flights is probably an added bonus.

Cardi B is one star who has been flying all over the world as she rises to international fame. She has made it a point to fly back and forth to spend time with her baby daughter, and she does most of her traveling on a private jet. Must be nice, right?

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The Kardashian-Jenner sisters were among those who started the trend of posing for plane pics and having full-on photo shoots before boarding a plane and while flying. The luxurious jets they fly on are a whole different ballgame, and there's a huge difference between traveling like that or in economy. The trend has picked up so much over the years that now a photography studio in Russia helps people stage photo shoots on a plane for a fee of $240 for two hours, without having to pay for a full flight. Fake it 'til you make it, right? 

From lavish and comfortable seats and beds to the delicious food and drinks served on board, we don't blame these stars for showing off their fabulous lives. Bragging about a fancy car might just be a thing of the past. Scroll through to take a look at these stars who couldn't wait to show off pics of their private planes and flights on Instagram. 

Kim Kardashian hopped on a plane for a TV appearance and looked like a million bucks. 1

Kim looked gorgeous on her way to Jimmy Kimmel Live! in April 2019, and she knew it. She posed for some pics inside her plane and they were beautiful.


Flying private is nothing new for Chayanne. 2

The singer has been sharing photos of himself on private planes but he looked like he was totally relaxing in this pic. We wonder what he was looking at on his phone to make him smile like this?


Daddy Yankee took advantage of the privacy. 3

He took advantage that he had all the space and silence to read a good book while on his private plane. No crying babies here!

Prince Royce couldn't resist the opportunity to pose in front of his plane. 4

Rich people are driven onto the runway and walk right up to their planes and it makes for the perfect opportunity for a photo. 


Natti Natasha looked super comfy on her private plane. 5

Dressed in a head-to-toe denim ensemble, Natti looked so at home on her private flight to Guatemala. Must be nice!


This is the way we all deserve to travel. 6

Traveling can be exhausting at times, but people like Cardi B and her baby, Kulture, have the luxury to lay back and take the comfiest of naps while a flight attendant waits on you hand and foot. 


Flying with a baby doesn't sound too bad when you're flying private. 7

Cardi B's baby, Kulture, might just never know what it's like to fly commercial like the rest of us do. The little one was born into the lap of luxury and flew in private jets with her famous rapping mamá since her first year of life. 

This picture of Jennifer Lopez is the definition of what a boss looks like. 8

From her outfit to her pose to the all white interior of this jet, this photo screams "I'm rich!" and we're not mad at it at all. Flourish on, queen J.Lo!


We can't imagine eating juicy fried chicken on a commercial flight. 9

Forget first class airplane food, Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian kept it simple and took their Popeyes fried chicken on the road with them. 

Alex Rodriguez is the owner of his own private jet. 10

The former Yankees player treated himself to his own plane in December 2017. Even his throw pillows are decorated with his logo. Now that's a whole new level of showing off. 


This plane pic of Khloé Kardashian just called me poor. 11

Everything from her pose, to her outfit to her Birkin and her Yeezy sneakers (designed by her brother-in-law, Kanye West!) are a reminder that celebs live a totally different life than us. It's astounding.

Dayanara Torres and her ex fiancé used to travel large. 12

One of the first pics she shared of her ex-fiancé Louis D'Esposito was of them posing in front of a private plane. The movie executive seems to have treated Dayanara well during the short time they were together--that is until he called off his engagement because of her cancer diagnosis.


Maluma makes sure that even his loved ones are flying in style. 13

What kind of grandson would the singer be if he let his grandparents fly coach while he's on a private jet? Maluma shared a pic of himself sitting in between his grandma and grandpa on their way to Colombia, and they all looked very cozy.

Flying with children can be complicated, so that's where a private plane comes in handy. 14

The Kardashian-West family is quickly expanding. The couple flies a lot so it makes sense that they fly private when bringing their little ones along for the ride. They have plenty of space for naps and to play around, especially for longer flights. The couple even rented a whole private 747 plane that fit 600 people.


These celebs even climb on the wings for the right pic. 15

Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott had themselves one fun photo shoot on top of his plane. Young and rich love is something special. 

It must be so nice to have a chat with a friend and not have your neighbor listening in. 16

Ricky Martin and Residente looked like they were deep in coversation while flying together on this private jet. I wonder what they were discussing?


Thalía is way too famous and successful to fly coach. 17

We can't even picture the gorgeous singer sitting around commoners. And it looks like she enjoys the peace and quiet of a private flight.

J Balvin is always on the road and he has the pics to prove it. 18

The Colombian superstar is an international sensation so it makes sense that so many of his Instagram pics are of his travels around the world. This one of him posing in front of a giant plane for Paris Fashion Week in 2019 is something else.


There's no need to go through baggage claim when you fly private. 19

Kylie Jenner is already showing her little girl, Stormi, the good life. The star jumped out of her fancy car and walked just a few feet before getting into her jet. The good life!

Of course, Mariah Carey flies private. 20

Can you imagine the diva sitting next to a bunch of passengers during one of her trips? I certainly can't!


Kris Jenner celebrated her birthday in the skies. 21

The reality star brought in her birthday in November 2018 with a ride on a private jet and some cake. "Butter Cake at 35,000 feet!!!!" she captioned the pic at the time.

Alexa Dellanos did some showing off before boarding her plane. 22

She struck a pose right before boarding the plane and looked totally comfortable in her gym gear. She lives quite a lavish life and is always traveling. 


Sofia Vergara hopped on a private plane to go see Jennifer Lopez. 23

Of course, the Modern Family star chartered a private jet to head to Vegas to catch the last show of J.Lo's residency. That's the kind of life we all deserve to be living.

Sofia's son Manolo has also shared some plane pics. 24

Manolo and his pup posed for a pic outside this private plane. The stylish TV personality is enjoying the fruits of his mom's labor, for sure. 


Daddy Yankee also loves to show off his private flights. 25

The rapper was heading to Mexico when he snapped this pic of himself kicking his feet up while sitting on a comfy couch. We wonder if they provide them with more than just peanuts.

Karol G joined the trend for her Instagram. 26

The singer kicked her feet up in a comfy chair during a recent flight. There's plenty of leg room in there.