Chiquis Rivera shares a booty pic that gets hundreds of reactions & it isn't pretty

Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

There's no shame in Chiquis Rivera's game. The entertainer is proud of her curvy body and will show it off no matter what her haters say. From outfit of the day photos in fitted clothes to posing nude for a photoshoot, she has done it all. Her latest Instagram photo is a perfect example of how she has no qualms with flaunting what she's got.

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Chiquis posted an image that made her butt the center of attention. It was such a polarizing photo that she received hundreds of comments from family, friends, and critics (of course). Their reactions will make you do everything from laugh to shake your head in disgust.

Chiquis posted this photo along with an empowering message that seemed to go over her follower's heads.

"A Queen Will Always Turn Pain Into Power," she captioned the image. However, all eyes were on her butt, which was hanging over the chair she was sitting on.


Many of her friends and fans showered her with compliments.

They praised her butt and called her booty goals. Chiquis was definitely loving the attention and even responded to a few of the comments.


Even her sisters left positive comments.

Jenicka basically called her thot, but Chiquis wasn't offended. It was hilarious! Jacqie kept things a lot simpler and said, "Soo pretty."

But with a provocative picture like this one, haters were more than ready to pounce and drag Chiquis for posting it.

Her uncle Lupillo Rivera let his dissaproval be known, but the laughing emoji could have made you interpret his comment as a joke. While the jury is still out on Lupillo, other people did not soften the blows of their nastiness with an emoji. A large number of followers left negative comments about her butt that were extremely hurtful. Comparing her to a pig was completely uncalled for!


It's a miracle that Chiquis makes any effort to be active on social media when there is a steady group of people always ready to tear her down.

Sadly, Chiquis is used to being body-shamed. Years of being bullied has made her develop a thick skin. The negative comments left under this image probably rolled right off her shoulder.

Instead of hiding, Chiquis continues to be defiant and proudly flaunts her curves.

The haters haven't been able stop her. She is still helping women who look like her feel beautiful. The love she continues to receive means she is the real winner of this internet war. Go, Chiquis!

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