Jenni Rivera's kids on the red carpet

Losing a parent is never easy, and Jenni Rivera's death caused her five gorgeous kids a lot of pain. It's almost hard to believe that so many years have passed since the world lost the singer. But one thing is for sure, thanks to her children, she's never and won't ever be forgotten. 

Her five kids are often posting sweet tributes to her on social media with adorable throwback photos of moments they shared with their loving mamá. It's incredible how much has changed since those times and how they have all grown up in front of our eyes. So much time has passed that La Diva's youngest baby is almost 18. Can you believe that?

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Although the family lost its matriarch, they have continued to live by her values and her principles which has kept their close-knit bonds intact after her death. The siblings continue being by each other's sides and being closer than ever. Not having a parent in your life is difficult, especially at a young age, but Chiquis Rivera, Michael Marin and Jacqie Rivera have stepped in and assumed that mothering role for their youngest siblings. 

Jenicka and Juan Angel Lopez were so young at the time of their mom's accident but they still have so much love and memories of the sweet times they had with their mamá by their side. They have all changed and grown so much but we still remember them when they were just little kids. Take a look at some of the cutest photos of Jenni Rivera's five kids through the years.



Jenni was glowing in this pic with her first three kiddos. 1

Jenni and her babies, Chiquis, Michael and Jacqie, looked so adorable in their outfits. We love that the two girls were matching from head to toe. This is something Latina moms definitely love doing.


Michael Marin shared this throwback pic of himself and his mamá. 2

Jenni looks so different in this throwback! It's crazy to believe that Mikey is already 27 years old.


Jenni and her two little ones posed for a sweet pic together. 3

It's so adorable that all of her kids have her features, especially her big smile.

This pic is so adorable. 4

This is definitely the kind of photo that her kids probably adore. Even her granddaughter has something to look back on to remember Jenni.


This family portrait is making us so emotional. 5

No matter the situation, Jenni made sure her kids were always well taken care of. They all look like such a loving and happy family posing in front of their house.


Little Juan arrived in February 2001. 6

The little guy became Jenni's second son and her youngest baby, and their mom and son bond was truly special. 


It's so crazy that the little kid in this pic is almost 18! 7

They have all changed so much since these times. 

Jenni shared such a special bond with her little boy. 8

Juan was always camera ready as a child and that hasn't changed! That's probably why he now has thousands of followers on Instagram. 


We can't take how cute they are! 9

Jenni was rocking some super cute braids in this pic with her son. Years later, he shared this pic to pay tribute to his mamá on the anniversay of her death.

This photo is proof that there's nothing like a mother's hug. 10

Juan was only 11 when his mamá passed so we're glad there are so many photos of them together that he can treasure forever.


This throwback Chiquis posted is so sweet. 11

How cute is this pic of them toether in matching outfits? Jenni was the most adorable mom. 

Juan Angel's Instagram tributes to his mom honestly break out hearts. 12

"Happy Mother's Day from the bottom of my soul... It's amazing how much you're still impacting and teaching me even though I haven't been able to touch your beautiful face, be hugged in your arms, smell your beautiful scent, or hear you call me a fuck-face in almost five years," he captioned this pic. "I don't think there's an hour that goes by that you're not on my mind." 


Chiquis was the cutest little baby! 13

Chiquis was her mom's right hand girl. She helped her mom with her career and was always by her side.

We adore this pic of Jenicka and her mamá. 14

Jenicka is now in her 20s and has taken on the role of helping her big sister Chiquis the way she used to help their mom. 


Juan has these beautiful mom and son selfies to look back on. 15

He was for sure his mom's little boy. Look how tiny he was in this pic! 

Jenni having some fun with her girls is the cutest. 16

Jenni was definitely the coolest, most down to earth mom. Chiquis and Jacqie look so young!


This black and white pic of Jenni and Chiquis is so powerful. 17

They both had the same ambitious drive and spirit and Chiquis is working hard to carry on her mother's legacy of being a powerful girl boss.

Juan sees Chiquis as his second mom. 18

Juan and Chiquis have such a great relationship. The big sister took care of her little brother once their mom passed and now he has so much love and respect for her.


The three ladies looked so beautiful all dressed up. 19

This pic of Jenni and her two girls is so beautiful. They both look so much like their mom it's almost as if she's still here with us all through them. 

Michael was Jenni's first son. 20

That means that their bond must've been truly special.


This is the last photo Juan took with his mom. 21

This pic was taken days prior to her fatal plane accident in December 2012. They all look so happy while heading to the movies together.

We love seeing them so united. 22

They celebrate each other's birthdays to the fullest, like when Juan Angel turned 14. It's so important that they've remained so close.


A sibling selfie is a must when these five get together. 23

The siblings celebrated Mikey's 26th birthday together in 2017. 24

They make sure they always surround each other with love and support no matter what.


No matter what, they have each other. 25

These five have dealt with their fair share of tough moments in life but the silver lining in their lowest points was that they had so many siblings right there to have their back. 

Chiquis and her siblings are all grown up. 26

Chiquis and her siblings are all grown up.


They have changed so much in these past few years. Juan Angel is such a handsome young man and his sisters get more and more beautiful with time. 



The siblings represented their mom at the 2017 Latin American Music Awards. 27

The siblings represented their mom at the 2017 Latin American Music Awards.


They clean up nice! The ladies wore some gorgeous gowns and dresses, while the boys looked dapper in their suits.