Old video of Sofia Vergara being harassed by Gordon Ramsay resurfaces & gives us all the creeps

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Cringe! An interview with Sofia Vergara and Gordon Ramsay on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno from 2010 resurfaced on Twitter earlier this week, and the TV chef's conduct toward the Colombian actress is being heavily criticized. People are reacting to the old clip on social media and they are highlighting just how inappropriate his behavior toward her was at the time.

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The Modern Family star's interviews are usually uncomfortable because TV hosts constantly pick on her for her heavy Spanish accent. In this one, it's visible just how unpleasant the whole situation was for her when the Master Chef star continued making sexual innuendos and jokes toward her, touched her inappropriately on her thigh and also squeezed himself to sit next to her. The whole thing is so awkward and it's painful that Sofia was sort of forced to sit there for the remainder of the show and deal with it. 

A fan tweeted the old clip earlier this week and it quickly went viral.

The video was retweeted more than 52,000 times and received some strong responses from fans who felt the actress' discomfort. "She straight up yelled, 'This guy does not respect me!' in Spanish," one user wrote. "Her body language is more than indicative of her uncomfortableness [sic] towards his presence."


At one point while they were arguing, he slapped her on her upper thigh.

Sofia had moved her entire body as far away from Gordon as possible. Any body language expert will tell you what that suggests. Still, he managed to reach over and slap her thigh, and she reacted by slapping him back and saying: "No touching!" He ran away laughing as if touching someone inappropriately in front of the world to see was all a big joke. 


Not only was he disrespectful to her personally, but he also insulted her native Colombia.

Sofia brought Arequipe, also known as dulce de leche, for Jay Leno to try and the men laughed at Sofia's pronunctiation of "cookies" among other things. Then the chef took a spoonful of it and told her it tasted like "s--t fudge." As a professional chef, he should know better than to yuck someone else's yum. So rude!

Sofia eventually scolded him for interrupting him during the interview, so he squeezed himself next to her.


Sofia had moved to the far left of her seat throughout the show, so he got up and sat next to her, invading her personal space. At the time, the chef was with his wife, Tara Ramsay, whom he married in 1996. They currently share four kids together and have another on the way. 


Videos of male celebrities being inappropriate with women began to surface online after the docuseries 'Surviving R. Kelly' aired on January 4.

Following the #MeToo era, many social media users are taking to their accounts to call out men for their inappropriate behavior, not caring when the misconduct took place. "That video of Gordon Ramsay and Sofia Vergara is f--king disgusting. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it," one user wrote. "Y’all need to understand just how deepset the objectification of women is in our culture that a woman can be demeaned publicly and everybody stayed quiet for years."

Fans who were creeped out by the chef's behavior took to Twitter to speak about it.

One fan vowed to never watch his shows again after seeing the clip of him making sexual jokes, like whether or not Sofia screams in the bedroom, to which the TV host quickly said to the chef: "You would never know." Yikes.


Some fans jumped to Gordon's defense.

One Twitter user blamed the chef's actions on where he is from saying it's casual "banter." He also said it's no surprise he's flirting with someone who looks as good as Sofia, as if her beauty is an excuse for Gordon's sexist and dirty behavior.

Watch the full cringe-worthy interview below.

While neither Sofia nor Gordon have addressed the old clip, it's clear to see why so many fans were offended because of it. Sofia was forced to sit there and laugh through the off-color jokes and the violations of her personal space just because women like her are often objectified. Men in Hollywood are being held accountable now more than ever, and this video is a good place to start to determine what type of behavior is completely unacceptable.