Chiquis Rivera reveals she is planning for a wedding & a baby in 2019

Lorenzo Mendez/Instagram

Chiquis Rivera has a lot in store for 2019. The singer revealed that she is planning to make some major moves in her personal life in the new year, and it's all so exciting. Chiquis accomplished so much in her career in 2018, but now she also wants to focus on her future as a wife and a mom.

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She told El Gordo y La Flaca what her goals are for the upcoming 12 months, and although she has some big plans for her career, she also said she might head down the aisle with fiancé Lorenzo Méndez and maybe even get started on building a family together.

Chiquis is ready for a wedding and a baby!

"I don't know, maybe a wedding. A baby," she said during an interview with the talk show published on Monday, December 31. "I'd like to get married and travel with my husband and well yeah, think about having a baby."


The singer also has more surprises in store for her fans.

"A new album, definitely. I think even a book is coming soon. A tour, that we're going to see how we do it," she said. "But yes, there's a little bit of everything, there's a little bit of everything. God willing."


The couple have been spending a lot of time together during the holidays.

They seem tighter than ever in the photos they shared of them during Christmas and we love seeing them so in love. They have also been giving some details about their upcoming ceremony, with Chiquis hinting that she started her new Keto diet was in preparation for her big day. 

Lorenzo revealed in November 2018 that they already had a wedding date in mind.

The singer said he and his fiancee had been eyeing a date for their nuptials. "I think that even if we wanted a small wedding, we wouldn’t be able to do it," he told Suelta La Sopa at the time. "We have a lot of friends in the industry and we have a very large family. We both have family in the United States and Mexico. If we don’t invite everyone, some people will be sad."


Chiquis revealed late last year that she was ready to have babies after a health scare.

She shared some videos of her nieces and nephews visiting her during her recovery from a surgery due to complications with her endometriosis. "I don't have kids yet, but I don't know, this whole thing that's been happening to me makes me feel like I should start thinking about it," she reflected in on of the clips. "It's probably, like, my body saying I need to I have a child." 

Maybe she's right! We wish her the best of luck in this new year.

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