Chiquis Rivera's luxury Christmas gift was made for a BOSS

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Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

Chiquis Rivera is closing out her whirlwind of a year with a bang. The entertainer has been doing live shows, is planning her wedding with Lorenzo Méndez, plus working on getting her mind and body right with a new hardcore wellness routine. Things are looking up for the star, so it was only right that she got an epic Christmas gift to close 2018 out in style.

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Chiquis got a luxury car customized for the holiday. The special touches on the exterior of the vehicle will definitely make her stand out when she is on the road.

"Merry Christmas to me," Chiquis wrote on a picture of her tricked out BMW i8 in her Instagram Story.

"Thanks for my wrap and wheels @luxurymotoring," she added.


The semi-matte finish on the black car is so cool!

The contrasting shiny black rims add a nice touch.


The view from the back is sick!

This car definitely fits her boss persona.

The job was done by a company called Luxury Motoring and Chiquis' fans took over the comments section of their Instagram post.

They were so proud of Chiquis and loved the car.


Chiquis previously posted this car on her Instagram in November.

She could have gotten it herself or it could have even been a gift from someone like Lorenzo. Either way, this car costs a pretty penny. The starting price for a 2019 model is over $140,000! And that's before customizing it.

Regardless if she got it herself or if it was a gift, we can all agree that the car looks amazing.

Congrats, Chiquis!

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