Cardi B mixes breastfeeding, stripping & couture in her video & somehow makes it work


Cardi B took the concept of breastfeeding at work to a whole new level in her new video "Money," to the joy of all new moms who either pump or run home to feed their babies during the first weeks back at the job after giving birth. The Latina rapper empowered us all with her unapologetic return to the lavish and sexy look of her beginnings and even made clear that you don't have to change who you are after you become a mother.

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Believe it or not, in her video for "Money," Cardi B appears naked not once, but twice; she poles dances, clearly pulling many moves from her experience as stripper. Her dancers show their nipples and the word extravagant seems tame to describe their surroundings. Among all of that, there are images of Cardi as a mom, dressed in couture, breastfeeding her daughter Kulture

Her choice of mixing her past and her present and--once again--offer an in-your-face critique to the way the world sees sexy women is genius, and explains why she is the most successful artist of her generation. Whether you like her music, her style or her personality, you have to see the video. It will turn many heads upside down and all women should thank her for it. 

The video starts making clear that the woman who is singing it has been made into an object.

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As an objectified woman, she likes "money". A clear answer to all the men who say that's what many girls want. It seems like a fair quid pro quo.


Then Cardi takes it a step further, reminding us of her power.

Also of the fact that she started as a stripper. 


In the middle of many extravagant and sexual images, Cardi B drops this.

It's hard to imagine any other artist mixing breastfeeding and pole dancing--and actually it makes us really proud!

With this image of her and her daughter Kulture, our dear Belcalis is normalizing breastfeeding and making it cool. She is also giving us power as females to have it all. Maybe not all at the same time, like Michelle Obama very aptly said, but ALL nevertheless.


And here it is, the "Money" video.

Cardi B's last music video of 2018 is a masterpiece. Filled with opulence and contrasts, it takes motherhood to a whole new level. We love you Cardi!

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