Jenni Rivera revealed her proudest accomplishment a few days before her death & it gave us chills

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The sixth anniversary of Jenni Rivera's tragic death was on Sunday, December 9, 2018, but the Mexican American singer's memory is still very much alive in the hearts of her fans and loved ones. La Diva de la Banda had so much to be proud of even though she was gone too soon. She built an empire from her singing career, reality TV, and other beauty and fashion business ventures. However, if you asked Jenni what she was most proud of in her life, her answer would have nothing to do with her career.

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Univision resurfaced this week one of Jenni's final interviews where she revealed what she considered to be her biggest accomplishment. It had to do with motherhood and her words will give you chills.

Jenni was proud of not letting the pressure of being a single mom to five kids crush her.

"My proudest personal accomplishment is to be able to say that despite my bad choices or decisions, I had to become a single mother to five kids… my world didn’t shut down," she said in Spanish.


A brief look into her personal life will make you agree with Jenni.

A brief look into her personal life will make you agree with Jenni.


Several men in her life failed her in ways that would devastate many people. However, those experiences only made her stronger and she was on the cusp of reaching new levels of success as an entertainer before a plane crash ended her life on December 9, 2012.


Jenni became pregnant with daughter Chiquis Rivera when she was only 15 years old.

Being a teen mom wasn’t easy, especially since it got her kicked out of her parent’s house and ended up in an abusive relationship with husband Trinidad Marín. The couple ultimately had three children together--Chiquis, Jacqie and Michael Marin--and eventually got divorced. Trinidad ended up behind bars for sexually abusing Chiquis and Rosie Rivera, Jenni’s younger sister, in 2007.

Her family grew with her second husband, Juan López.

The couple had two children together, Jenicka and Johnny. Juan allegedly cheated on Jenni, which led to the end of their marriage in 2003.


This horrible drama did not break Jenni.

Her resilience is part of what made her so popular among her fans.

Jenni’s identity as a Latina made her even prouder of her success.

"To me, as a Latina woman, as a daughter of immigrants in this country, I was able to push my family forward with honor, decency and hard work," she said. "What it has cost me I have paid with the sweat off of my forehead and many other parts of my body."


Watch Jenni reflect on being a single mom below.

R.I.P., Jenni.

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