Kim Kardashian slams YouTuber behind fake Travis Scott cheating scandal

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Like plenty of Hollywood couples, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott faced their first cheating scandal this week. A photo surfaced online of a Travis look-alike hugging a woman who's not his girlfriend, and the internet started buzzing with cheating speculations. While his face wasn't visible in the photo, the guy in the pic had similar hair, stature and was dressed like the "Sicko Mode" rapper.

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What made things worse is that the picture was stamped with the TMZ logo which made people believe it was real. Some had a theory that it was from a music video shoot, but that wasn't the case. A YouTuber claimed that he faked the whole thing for what he called a "social experiment" to show how people believe anything on the internet. The whole situation received so much attention that Kylie's famous sisters, Kim and Khloé Kardashian, even stepped in to speak out against the stunt.

Things seemed to be going swimmingly for the pair, who had a lot to celebrate this week.

Travis had plenty to be happy about on Monday, December 3, when both his album Astroworld and his single "Sicko Mode" were topping the music charts. The couple also welcomed their baby, Stormi Webster, in February and they looked super happy together in recent months while they've been on tour. Sadly, the glory of that moment was short-lived thanks to the cheating rumors. 


This photo of started making the rounds on social media of a guy who appeared to be Travis with another girl.

A picture of someone people believed to be Travis surfaced online on Monday, December 3, where it looks like the "Stop Trying to Be God" rapper got cozy with a girl who wasn't his girlfriend and mother of his child, Kylie. Although there were no news articles or reports to go with the photo, the image had the TMZ symbol on it, so people automatically thought it was real. 


In the midst of it all, Kylie showed her man some support on Instagram.

Kylie took to her Instagram Stories to share an adorable photo of them together from their GQ shoot from earlier this year. She also added a ring emoji as her caption. 

Travis was quick to jump on Instagram to deny the whole situation.

The Grammy nominee took to Instagram Stories to deny that it was him in the photos.


Travis continued commenting on Instagram and said he and Kylie were solid.

He also said that TMZ did not post the photo, and that he only has love for his "wife."

A YouTuber named Christian AdamG revealed he faked the photo to fool the internet.

Days later on Wednesday, December 5, Christian released a full video of himself pulling the stunt and dressing up as Travis to fake as if the rapper had cheated on his girl. He said his reason behind it was to prove that people don't care about the truth because scandal and lies are more exciting. "Never believe anything you see on the internet," Christian captioned the video, adding, "(DISCLAIMER: this video was NOT made to intentionally hurt Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner or the entire Kardashian family in ANY way shape or form.)"


Kylie broke her silence about the situation and called out the guy for hurting her family.

She shared a screenshot of the video along with a message that said this makes her afraid of the internet. "I'm happy my relationship is strong because this is getting out of hand," she added.

Kim also took to social media to blast the guy for faking those photos.

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters have faced their fair share of cheating scandals in the past and they always stick together, so this situation was no different. The KKW Beauty founder called the YouTuber's stunt "disgusting." 


Khloé didn't hold back and completely went after the YouTube star.

Khloé dealt with a similar situation when photos and videos of her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, with other women surfaced online, so she knows the damage this could have done to the relationship and hurt it would've caused her little sister. We are glad that things are well between the two lovebirds.